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When you decide to make travel plans alone, but don’t have a lot of money, staying in a hostel may just be your best option. It’s a great way to meet new travel buddies and have someone to talk with when you need. Hostels have organized trips and nights out, so make sure to sign up when you can. It will help you break the ice with your soon-to-be new found friends. Maybe you can organize your own event; put a poster up in the common area saying “Night out on Thursday” or “Explore the City with me!” People will easily flock to that. Chat with people about the event, and put a blank chart for people to add their names to it so others will feel more inclined to go. People will admire your effort. Try learning a few card games before your trip so you can teach others something new. Before you know it, many people may just want to join in on the fun that you created. Maybe even turn it into a drinking game, which will help everyone bond better.

Don’t forget about the hostel staff; they are often the most interesting people to talk with about the place you are visiting. You can gain a lot of insight if you are willing to listen. You may find that their passion inspires you to seek out something you never thought you would. Ask about their favorite places to eat, what their favorite activity is, or if there is a beautiful secret spot they know about to lead you to. Make sure to not be the only one that talks; listen and learn. The people around you will appreciate your mind. There are always bars around to go to late at night if you can’t find something to do. Enjoy the night life and meeting new friends abroad. Exploring awaits your arrival.