Get Cozy with Paris

Traveling can be a pretty scary thing if you go without any preparation. Some people just wing it, and that’s perfectly fine. Although, if you want to be knowledgeable about the place you are visiting, then ask and search. The answers will be there, and there will always be someone to answer your question in the beautiful city of Paris. Don’t be afraid to ask. If you are looking to get spiritual, try visiting Notre Dame. It’s impressive, and so worth seeing. A real beauty is Sainte-Chapelle on Ile de la Cite. Its Gothic architecture and stained glass windows of its interior are so unbelievably stunning, especially when the sun is out. You won’t want to miss this view. May through September is the best times to see this masterpiece. Seeing the city is really magical, so taking a boat ride on the Seine is just prefect. There are so many ways to see and experience Paris, but a boat ride is relaxing and beautiful.

Shopping sometimes becomes a must when you visit Paris, so be sure to shop in le Marais in the 3rd and 4th arrondissements. It’s the hip part of Paris, and the boutiques are super fashionable and artsy. You can even take a coffee break and people watch. The best way to enjoy this lovely city is to buy food and hang out in the park having a picnic. You can buy bread, cheese, and produce at the open-air market. It will create a lovely day for all those joining in. The Michelin restaurant is something to be adored. The flavors and venue are so inspiring that you may just want to stay in the city a bit longer. Make sure to try the original French cuisine while you are in town. You won’t want to miss steak frites, fromage, crepes, foie gras, or croissants. The beautiful Paris awaits you. Plan your trip today.