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Want to join our team?

Babylon Tours is always on the lookout for enthusiastic guides to be a part our growing, multinational team and provide customers with a unique experience.

Are you passionate about art, history and culture? Do you know your city or “quartier” like the back of your hand? Do you have a desire to share your expertise with travelers? If so, your profile might be of interest to us.

We offer a range of tours, consisting of a mixture of museums and walking tours.

Working with us:

  • As an independent guide you should make sure you have all the necessary national certificates required for a museum or specific landmark/monument.
  • You may work as little or as much as you like! We adapt to your availability, although we do value long term cooperation and guides we can rely on – this is not just a summer job!
  • Although you are given a general structure to follow for each tour, it is up to you what information you choose to share and how you go about it. We don’t provide any specific script or training, so be prepared to get creative!
  • Guides are expected to provide their availability at least up to a month in advance and we will allocate you tours, working around your schedule.
  • At Babylon Tours, we make your life easier by using a booking system for all our tours – so say goodbye to all those complicated clipboards and papers you’re used to carry around.
  • Even if we don’t have many rules, guides are expected to use the designated software and follow the guide protocol provided by Babylon Tours.

The Ideal Candidate:

  • You are confident, outgoing and dynamic with excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
  • You have excellent crowd managing skills and are able to work with and lead groups.
  • You are fluent in English – all other languages are a bonus; the more languages you are able to give a tour in the better.
  • You are reliable, punctual and able to work independently, while following our specific operational protocol.
  • You have the ability to deal with all types of people – our clients come from all around the globe and have different expectations.
  • You are capable problem solver – you will have to assist clients and solve all types of situations which may arise on a tour.
  • You enjoy being around people from all backgrounds and working in a busy environment.
  • You are always keen to improve your knowledge about a tour and have the initiative to do your own independent research for any new tours you desire to give.
  • You have a charming sense of humour that makes anyone anywhere fall to your feet.

General Requirements:

  • Ability to speak English fluently – the majority of our tours are given in English.
  • Legal work authorization as a freelance tour guide in the country you wish to give a tour in, if necessary.
  • Previous independent full-time work or university experience.
  • Comprehensive knowledge about the neighborhood or museum tour you wish to do.
  • Flexible availability and adaptability.
  • Confident smartphone and computer skills. (excel spreadsheets, WhatsApp, email, texting, online documents, new Apps, etc)

Selection Process:

  • Send over your CV and photograph, along with a short cover letter outlining why we should work together.
  • In addition, you must provide us with your best and worst guiding review and a list of the tours you know already know how to give and those that you are in the process of learning, out of the ones we offer on our website.
  • If your application is successful you will be contacted for a short interview.
  • If looks like you’ll be a fit, we will start the on boarding process.
  • You should email all of your information to


Thank you for choosing to work with Babylon Tours.