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Discover London with Babylon Tours!

London is one of the world’s great cities. Steeped in history and culture, there is a staggering range of important attractions and activities for visitors to see and do. It’s our mission here at Babylon Tours to make sure your big London trip is a success — so we’d like to highlight a few facts about the city.

Did you know that over 300 languages are spoken in London? Or that ‘Big Ben’ refers to the bell within the clock tower, not the clocktower itself (which is simply named ‘The Clock Tower’). London has expanded over the centuries, and a tour of London will open your eyes to the culture and history of a city that was once the center of the British Empire and that was almost completely razed to the ground by the Great Fire of London in 1666.

We have a rich range of museum, city, and walking tours to choose from — with the option of choosing between a private or semi-private tour. So come see London at its best this summer and enter the promo code below for a discount on all our London tours!

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Discover London With Babylon City Tours 

Our travel experts have carefully selected the best museum tours and experiences in London this summer.



British Museum Guided Tour

Explore the mummies and historical artifacts on our semi-private guided tour of the British Museum. Join our knowledgeable, charming guides as they take you through this world-class collection that spans across 6000 years of human history, featuring items from every corner of the world.

Discover Samurai armor and centuries-old Assyrian lion hunt reliefs. You’ll learn about a wide variety of topics and historical artifacts such as the Mummy of Katebet, the Lewis Chessmen, and the Rosetta Stone — the actual rock that changed history, not the language-learning software! We humans have achieved an immense amount during our short history and you’ll leave the tour with a refreshing understanding of just how far we’ve come.


Natural History Museum Tour London

Natural History Museum of London Guided Tour (Now Skip-the-Line!)

At the Natural History Museum, you’ll get up close and personal with over 4.5 billion years of history. Giant dinosaurs and gemstones have been wowing visitors here since the 19th century. On this tour, you’ll learn about the incredible world we live in, learning things from our tour guides that you won’t find in the guide books.

From Earth’s beginnings to the dawn of our species, the National History Museum is a cathedral of nature, housing some 80 million specimens in a labyrinth of galleries that your expert Babylon Tours guide will help you navigate through. Catch a glimpse of the rare Archaeopteryx — the alleged missing link between dinosaurs and birds — and visit the casts of victims from the volcanic disaster at Pompeii. By the end of the tour, you will leave with a significantly greater understanding of the natural world, and a greater appreciation for it.

New Tour


Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace Guided Walking Tour 

Visit the Colosseum, the world’s largest amphitheater, and feel the energy ancient Romans would have felt as they entered to watch gladiators and vicious beasts fight to the death. We’ll then move on to the Roman Forum, the center of almost everything in Ancient Rome. It was a place of worship, celebration, and law – really, it was the most important place in the ancient world. Last but not least, we’ll move up to Palatine Hill and gaze across the city to hear how it all began with just two twin brothers and a she-wolf many centuries ago.





“I was in London for a 4 day layover with my teen son, and wanted to introduce him to some cultural highlights, without boring or overwhelming him. Our guide did it perfectly, and took us to a great lunch spot as well. Our guide made sure to include any object we really wanted to see, and didn’t seem to mind that the tour went a bit over the limit.”

TripAdvisor review from July 2019 by Carrie from Colorado

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