Wonderful Life lessons For Solo Travelers

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Traveling solo is an experience all on its own, and learning the pros of this will make you want to do it more often. You will learn beyond your years of what the world has to offer if you just go out and explore it, and by doing it on your own, you’ll get to learn it at your own pace. It could be magical. Always remember to smile when traveling, because smiling is a gift that transcends cultures. It is the universal communicator, and will get you far with the locals of the land you are visiting. Also make sure to learn how to say “hello” and “thank you” in the countries language; it will put a smile on others faces. You can surely start an awe inspiring conversation with just a simple smile. But also be aware that in some cultures, a smile from a woman is seen as forward or promiscuous. Many kind offers may come your way if you just have a light in your face and eyes. You will be glad you did.

One thing many people forget to do is get over their fears. Traveling on your own can be scary all by itself, and trying new things in a whole new part of the world that you aren’t used to can be pretty scary. Pushing through a fear can really open up your world to beautiful things. Don’t be scared to get out of your comfort zone and try something different than the norm. A simple fear is just something that boxes us in preventing us from reaching our goals. You can break out of that box and really see the world in a different light. If you feel resistant towards something, that’s usually the thing you will find the most rewarding. Understand yourself first so that you can really make the big life decisions that will truly reflect your life aspirations. Just imagine the possibilities.

Something to think about when you’re traveling is that sometimes you will get frustrated. There are so many obstacles that could be a trigger to this frustration. Try counting to ten when something is frustrating you before you react to it. It may just save your trip and make you feel empowered rather than an angry bird. You may have to deal with bargaining all the time, and that’s not so much fun, or maybe you will be surrounding by a swarm of people all trying to travel in the same direction as you. You may get pushed by mistake, but just think for a second before you scream at a random stranger. They may be having a really bad day, and aren’t paying attention to your whereabouts. Accidents happen, but letting things go will make you feel at ease in the end. Different countries can be totally chaotic. It is just something you may have to get used to. If you go with the flow of the chaos, you will find yourself stronger and happier for being so calm about everything. Learning how to control yourself in stressful times will really make your vacation awesome. Try taking a step back and breathing for a minute. Look at the situation, and then think how you want to come across to foreigners, and then react accordingly. It’s not the best idea to create a scene; it’s your job to find a way to progress forward in a way that respects the local culture all while keeping yourself safe.  Being in a new and foreign land will take some adjusting, but you can do it. The new memories you create will be super special and precious to you. Try something new today.