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Rocket statue at the NY hall of science.

The New York Hall of Science, also known as NYSCI, is an intriguing museum located in the Queens borough of NYC. It allows you to take part in various hands-on activities while throwing some light on different aspects of science and mathematics. The museum also hosts the annual World Maker Faire where many young inventors show their innovative creations.

NYSCI was originally built as a pavilion for the World’s Fair in 1964. Today, it stands as one of the foremost educational facilities in the US because of its use of interactive technology as well as accessibility to children of all ages. Visiting the museum during your New York private tours will take you to a journey through all areas of science.

There are more than 450 exhibits in NYSCI, which allow you to explore physics, biology, and chemistry like never before. The most popular exhibition in the museum is the Sports Challenge, which integrates the fields of physiology, physics, and material science to explain how people choose a favorite sport. There is a baseball pitching area too, as well as an 8-foot-high rock-climbing wall in the hall.

The other popular exhibits in the New York Hall of Science include Connected Worlds, Design Lab, Search for Life Beyond Earth, Scattered Light, The Evolution, Wild Minds, Seeing the Light, and more. There is a special space for younger children as well – Preschool Place – where kids can explore, discover, and experience multi-sensory activities in a safe and protected area. Little children will also find the Bubble Table intriguing, where they can learn about the geometry of spherical shapes using bubbles.

NYSCI also has a vast 60,000 sq. ft. outdoor space to let you experience the Science Playground with slides, sandpits, seesaws, and fog machines. Visitors of all ages can explore the scientific principles of balance, motion, sound, sight, and simple machines here. There is a Rocket Park in the outdoor space as well, which includes many space-exploring machines like Gemini-Titan II, Mercury-Atlas D Rocket, Saturn V F-1 Engine, and more.

There is a Mini Golf area in the Rocket Park too, which allows players to explore key science concepts like gravity, escape velocity, propulsion, launch window, and more while hitting the balls through the nine-hole miniature golf course. If you are tired, take a break from the activities and relax in the 3D Theater in NYSCI while catching some science-themed screenings.

The New York Hall of Science is open from 09:30 am to 05:00 pm, but the timings may vary from September to March. Admission tickets cost $11 per adult and it is $8 for seniors and children below 17.