Valentine’s Day in Paris

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Take a trip to Paris and let Babylon City Tours introduce you to the most romantic trip of your life. Paris is the most romantic city in the world; imagine what it would be like on Valentine’s Day? There is no better place than Paris to enjoy exquisite French patisseries; these are pastry shops that the second you walk inside, you will be overcome by the seductive scent of vanilla and caramel. There are some treats that cannot be explained, so you must taste one to really understand the magic of it all. Paris City Tours takes you all over the city to the most beautiful places, such as The Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, The Louvre, and Notre Dame de Paris. There are beautiful Parisian Bistros that will make you feel so intimate, you won’t know what hit you. Often their interior colors are arranged in red hues because it is the color of love. Their comfy ambiance welcomes and induces you to succumb to sweet pleasures like fine cuisine and French wine. You will not be disappointed.

Babylon City Tours wants you to have a truly magical experience in the lovely Paris city; there are so many wonderful stops to see and enjoy throughout your tour so make sure to take time to smell the roses. French cuisine is the best and most sophisticated cuisine today; some dishes are still prepared just as they were over a hundred years ago. Try ‘Le Procope;’ it is the oldest restaurant in Paris. In the morning you’ll definitely want to have a crispy croissant. The smell from the French breakfast cafes will entice you to wake up early and enjoy even more time with loved ones. You will find romance everywhere you go in Paris, from the food to the colors to the jazz players on the street. Make sure to stop and listen for a while; it will definitely put you in a good mood. Enjoy this magical city today.