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London City Tours await your arrival to the beautiful city. There are so many fun and interesting activities to do in London that will surely appease to any age group. If you like heights, be sure to check out the 178 meter high work of art ‘Anish Kapoor’s curiously curvaceous ArcelorMittal Orbit.’ It’s located at the Olympic Park. This big see-through slide has you screaming for 40 seconds of freight if you can handle it. Up for a fun game show? Take on the ‘Crystal Maze.’ It was an old game show presented by Richard O’Brien, and it is a puzzle-oriented escape game. You’d be in a glass dome completing challenges of skill, mental, physical, and mystery. It’s a silly time if nothing else. Eat some awesome scientific ice cream at Camden Market; ice cream from Chin Chin labs are always creative and delicious. They use liquid nitrogen to create their masterpieces. You won’t be disappointed. London City Tours offers so much fun; they can also answer any questions you have about London. Make sure to keep a notepad of exciting things you’d like to do during your trip.

Take a step back in time to one of London’s hottest tourist attractions from the 1800’s; the Brunel Museum made Thames Tunnel exciting and beautiful. It’s a groundbreaking feat of civil engineering, and is still a working rail tunnel. The museum hosts clubbing events, subterranean dining, and gorgeous campfire cocktails on the roof overlooking the river and city. It’s definitely a site to see. The birds are waiting for you to watch them at London Wetland Centre. You can venture out to leafy Barnes in the south-west and watch kites, kingfishers, and sandpipers. There have been over 200 species of bird spotted in total, as well as various reptiles. You can see squatter art in the Tudor Mansion. The Sutton House in east London has been beautifully maintained, but some squatters have made some pretty paintings over the walls over time. In 1982, The Blue House played a gig there. It’s a gorgeous place to visit in any case. London City Tours will lead you to all the beauty and fun. Make sure to book your trip today.