The Beauty Of Paris

Paris is sexy, the people are sexy. Everything about it exudes sex appeal, from the beautiful buildings to the smoking hot bars and cafes. The parks have chairs instead of benches, and people will use one chair to sit, and the other for their feet just to relax for hours. Parisians aren’t actually rude; they are courteous and patient in the street. Paris is surrounded by romance. Happy couples can be found everywhere kissing, canoodling and muttering sweet nothings in each other’s ears. You will be inspired by this lovely city. It is a writers dream to live or even just visit. The French don’t actually eat frog legs and snails. Paris is huge, but definitely manageable to see all the wonders it possesses but be warned the Taxi drivers may not always be super nice and have a good sense of navigational skill!

The French food is incredibly healthy; this is one reason people that live in Paris are slimmer than the rest of the world. Taking a food tour can be a really great treat. Museum lovers will be in heaven in Paris because there are so many. The architecture is so beautiful. Many of the buildings are white so the city will feel brighter and cleaner. It’s very easy to get lost in this city. There are so many narrow streets that wind and turn into different streets without warning. Most Parisians speak English, especially the younger crowd. Some of them will tell you they don’t speak English when asked, as to not be embarrassed by their lack of the language, but if you ask if they speak a little bit of English, then they will be more likely to respond to that.

The people of Paris are extremely stylish. They possess a classic elegance that will make you feel like you’re in a fashion show. Shopping for clothes in this city can be a very exciting adventure. There is a huge mix of different aged people all over the city. It’s not just for the young crowd. This is definitely a city for night owls. The city changes as the sun sets and the Eiffel Tower lights up and puts on a twinkling display. You will notice more beauty than you ever could have imagined during the day. There are so many wonderful things to obsess over here. You will find sexy lingerie, scrumptious pastries, hot men, gorgeous shoes, and intriguing chocolates. You will also find the street music magically beautiful. The street musicians aren’t just buskers like they are in many cities. There are often bands or orchestras playing in squares and parks, and it’s always a good idea to stop and listen to the majestic music.