Why You Should Make Amsterdam Your Winter Holiday Destination

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Amsterdam is by far one of the more fun places to visit when thinking of where to plan your next vacation. There are different times during the year that you could choose when to plan that special visit. A winter in Amsterdam may just be the right time for you. You won’t feel those super-hot summer rays shining down on your skin all day, and you can bundle up in pretty awesome and fashionable winter clothes at the same time. The cool, fresh air will keep you breathing with a nice flow. It’s almost magical, especially when you can see your breathe in the crisp and clean winter air. It’s just a beautiful time to enjoy this beautiful city.

There are so many interesting places to visit here, and one great thing about having a vacation is that you get to sometimes just wing it. Having a guide is good, but it’s also fun to just ask the locals what’s good around that area, and go from there. There are of course certain places in Amsterdam that are a must see, and you can look that up on any travel site, or just ask around when you get to your destination. You should definitely go and get out of your comfort zone when planning this amazing trip. You will be happy you did. The experiences you will gain will forever be ingrained in your cherished memory. Then you can share it with family and friends for years to come. How exciting right?!

You can pretty much bike anywhere in Amsterdam because it is so bike friendly. It makes it much easier and calmer to get around. Visiting the Red Light District is a popular neighborhood; it’s where the ladies almost bare it all for everyone to see at their own leisure, and it’s full of men of all ages, as well as giggling ladies. It’s a very casual place to be. You will see many tourists taking pictures all around you. If you don’t want to visit here, be sure to visit the vast amount of museums that Amsterdam is known for, especially during the winter time. There will also be shorter lines during this season. The Rijksmuseum and the Van Gogh Museum are just some of the famous museums to visit. They are very impressive. The Rembrandt House Museum surely must be added to your list. It is just astounding.

One must see is the Anne Frank House. It will leave you speechless, and maybe even make you cry a bit. Being a part of Anne’s world can definitely do wonders for the mind. If you like beer, be sure to check out the old brewery called the Heineken Experience; it’s a two hour fun filled time that will even give you the chance to try the beer they create. Win win right! If you absolutely love fries, then don’t even think about missing out on the Vlaams Friteshuis Vlemincks. You will surely be taken aback with the lovely and intense flavors of these fries. If you want to be sort of an alcohol connoisseur for a minute, go check out the Wynand Fockink; the staff will explain the drinks to you, as well as show you how to drink them correctly. They will even learn what your taste buds like, and offer different drinks to appeal to them.

The Hard Rock is famous in so many different countries. If you are ever feeling a bit homesick for a moment, go and visit this place, and you will for sure feel like you are in your hometown once again, except with a beautiful view of the canal. That’s just a bonus. If you’re into music and dancing, make sure to go to the Maxim Piano Bar and the Leidsplein. You can dance like you’ve never danced before. Live a little. Your body will thank you in the morning. If you are on a budget, there are always ways you can save money, and biking will surely help you with that. You will find that most people just walk or bike here in Amsterdam. It’s just a good way to get around. You will enjoy every moment of your trip. You can even find cute little food stands on most corners where you can spend little money on, and that way you’ll save it for the really fun activities. The options are endless in this beautiful town. Be sure to go out and have some fun.