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Travel to your heart’s content! Whether you choose the bus, train, or plane, try to live within the limits of a carry on if you can; it will make traveling so much easier when you want to go from destination to destination. If you plan to go to a non-English speaking country, make sure to research how the system works before you get there, or ask your hotel before you go on your adventures. Some countries have travel systems that are extremely confusing, but planning ahead of time will make your travels a lot calmer when you need it most. You can even look for passes and special deals through your hotel. To really get to know the city you are visiting, take a ‘hop on, hop off’ tour, because if you’re short on time, you can really see the city’s special sites more quickly and efficiently. To really get to know the city, just take a nice, long walk. You will really start to understand the culture better by doing this, and it will slow you down so that you can enjoy the city and understand how the society is run.

Before you travel, you should plan a bit ahead so you don’t forget anything. Make a list at least a week in advance so you can check it at least three times before boarding your plane. Make sure to board your plane early so you have no trouble putting your luggage in the overhead department. It’s also a very smart idea to check if you’re flight is running on time, so you don’t end up being stuck at the airport for hours on end. If you want as better seat, all you have to do is ask how full the plane is. If it’s not too full, then they can move you to a better seat. Make sure to bring snacks with you. Sometimes when the flights have turbulence, they end up not serving food at all, so it’s good to be extra prepared. The world is at your fingertips, so pick a place like London or Amsterdam, and make your world a better place.