Don’t Be a Lonely Traveler

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Travel with a smile! It literally means the same thing in every language. Having a huge smile on your face will make you more approachable, and will show others that you are a happy and friendly type of person. It will make your traveling experience so much more pleasant when you look on the brighter side of everything. If you are ever feeling lonely, be sure to go to a local coffee shop and sit next to someone near the window or at a large communal table. Just by simply putting yourself in that situation, it opens up lines of communication more easily with the locals or other travelers around. Learn a few key phrases in the language of the country you are visiting, so it shows you are making an effort, and that is always appreciated by the locals. It will even help promote an effort from the locals to try to speak in your given language. If you are looking for people to chat with along your adventures, try to stay at a hostel or B&B because it will encourage talking. These places will have common rooms, and are a lovely way to meet new people and create lasting friendships.

To never be bored, take a book with you that will make you laugh out loud at any given moment. Hold up the book so others can see what you are reading. This will attract people for a fun and brief chat. Starting a conversation can be difficult, but laughing can bring people to you left and right. Establish a routine at a local diner or bookshop; this will help you get to know others, as well as realize that they are actually looking out for when you are going to arrive. Taking a tour is also a great way to meet others and enjoy their company for a day, week, or even a lifetime. Always be curious and ask questions; it helps begin conversations. You will be glad you did. Going far off the beaten path will show you others that also like to wander around more on their own. It shows you have interests, and can help you start a nice conversation. The opportunities are endless if you start traveling today. Enjoy your adventures.