Fly to Paris and Smile

When you step into the lovely world of Paris, you will see the fashion difference right away! The city is filled with fashion beauties. There is just a different aroma is the air that is filled with beauty and romance. It’s something that can’t be ignored. You may want to step up your clothing a bit when you visit Paris; plenty of people will wear common clothing, but it is so much more fun getting into the Paris spirit by dressing fancy, drinking lattes, and enjoying croissants in the middle of the day. If you’d like to blend in more, try to have a calmer voice. Many people in the city will speak softly compared to the rest of the world. It makes things calmer all around. There are some interesting things you will see here, such as bread not having butter on it. It’s something that isn’t common in Paris, but feel free to ask if you dare.

Many Parisians won’t hug; they will instead blow an air kiss on each cheek. This is the standard greeting in Paris. If you are meeting someone new, then shake their hand and tell the person your name. Make sure to be very aware of scammers and people that try to pit pocket you because they can be particularly intense in the city. Always watch your belongings, and don’t let the locals distract you too much. Put your valuables in a safe place. If someone makes eye contact with you for a long time, just do it right back; it is common to do. On Sundays in Paris around the touristy places, you will find that the areas will be open a lot longer. It’s great when you are looking for something to keep you busy. Find a store, but some food, invite guests over, and then cook a lovely meal. The day will be a lot more fun that way.