Best Places to Visit during A Paris City Tour

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Paris, the city of lights, can easily attract travellers with its elegant visual beauty, charming streets, and incredible historic monuments. This is one of the reasons, why more than 25 million people visit Paris every year.

Obviously, when you visit Paris, you would want to make the best of it. However, you may not get enough time to visit all the stunning monuments and tourist locations when on a tight schedule. So here, we are giving you a list of the best tourist attractions, which you shouldn’t miss during your Paris City tours.

Eifel Tower – Eifel tower can be seen from anywhere in the city. It hosts numerous events all round the year to attract people from all over the world. Climbing the Eifel Tower and standing at the top of this architectural beauty will be an incredible experience, which you will relish over the years.

A boat cruise on the Seine – The best way to enjoy the beauty of Paris is to go on a boat cruise across the Seine. These traditional and beautiful boats offer an engaging and phenomenal experience to the visitors. You can also enjoy a romantic candlelight dinner on board, while navigating through the waters of the Seine.

Moulin Range – Witness the spectacular French Cancan dance at the Moulin Range. The famous French cabaret has been attracting spectators all over the world for the past 126 years.

Notre-Dame Cathedral – If you wish to witness an incredible French gothic architectural beauty visit Notre-Dame Cathedral. This monument has witnessed many historical events, and is the most visited monument in both Paris and Europe.

Montmartre – Walk around the highest point in the capital and experience the panoramic views of the city. Visit the Tertre Square where painters, portrait artists, and many other artists work outside.

Louvre – Visit the Louvre, one of the biggest museums of the world. It is estimated that it requires almost 9 months to see each and every work which is put on display at the Louvre.

Garnier Opera House – The Garnier Opera is a spectacular Italian-inspired theatre, and has brought together many of the greatest artists. You can also attend the battles, operas, and concerts here at an affordable price.