Travel with Intuition

When you start to think about traveling, sometimes it’s easy to get scared, but it’s even better to be excited. There is so much excitement to be had when you get to explore parts of the world that you have never been to before. Your creative juices end up going on overdrive because creativity and traveling really go hand in hand together. Each culture has its own set of practices and manners. If you learn to adjust your preconceptions before you visit a new place, that means you are being creative. Living in a new culture and learning the practices of that culture may actually enhance the psychological processes that make people more creative. It’s quite fascinating, and pretty great if you just let things happen as they come, as well as enjoy the new world around you for what it is. While on a trip, you really end up learning who your real friends are. It’s almost impossible to keep up with friends back home while you are traveling the world, but if they truly care, then they will be excited for you, and know that you will see them once again in the future. Now it’s time to make new friends and enjoy new experiences every day. Your heart and mind will thank you for it.

While traveling out and about, you start to look at life from entirely different vantage points, such as the blessings we have to just brush our teeth and have three meals a day. It’s quite eye opening to see how the different cultures we visit live. You also end up being free from your comfort zone. The fastest way to get out of your comfort zone is to completely immerse yourself in a different culture all together. Watching the way people interact with one another can really be an eye opening experience, but one that can only be done in person. Don’t live through the lens, go out and see the beautiful world for yourself.