How to be a Proper Parisian in Paris

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It’s very easy for a Parisian to spot out foreigners, so if you’re trying to blend in, make sure not to look like a tourist the whole time. Carrying a huge camera is a big give away of that, as well as pulling your map out every 5 minutes. Sometimes it’s just better to go with the flow, and get a little lost. You may just find something magical. Tourists are treated much differently in Paris, and it isn’t always a good thing. The easiest way to be Parisian is to speak like one; speaking French helps a lot, but there are a few phrases that will help you blend in a bit more: they are “beauf, sympa, and putain.” “Beauf” in French is the definition of someone that watches sports all day long and drinks a lot of beer. Parisians love using this term because it heightens the speaker’s own social standing. The work “beauf” can really also describe anyone you don’t know or anything you don’t really care for. “Sympa” means nice. Parisians love this word because you can appreciate a person or thing without over doing it. To love something too much is very anti-Parisian, so be sure to tone down your excitement if you are trying not to stand out as a foreigner. “Putain” is a magical interjection that can mean anything from cussing out someone on the street to showing sympathy for a friend and anything in between. The word really describes a woman of the night, but it can mean so many things when a Parisian says it, so be careful with this word. Many Parisians will throw in a lot of English with their French to show how in tune they are with the world. Just pay attention, and you will catch on.

If you really want to fit in, dress like the French do; for some reason, a lot of French people wear Converse. In the summer, you will see many of them wearing Levis or business attire to work. You probably won’t catch the French people wearing shorts a lot. The standard for winter would be a scarf, jeans, and a peacoat. The reason why Converse and Levi’s are so popular in Paris is because they are so expensive and super American. French love expensive things, so they make it a trend wherever they are, and it’s usually what’s in style. Look up French style before you head over to the beautiful city, and you will surely fit in more than you would have before you knew anything about the country. Enjoy your unique adventure in Paris.