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Private Dual Delights: Exclusive Van Gogh & Red Light District Combo Tour

Tailored Luxury: Skip the Line on a Private Guided Combo Tour in Amsterdam

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Duration: 5.5hs Private Tour

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Vincent Van Gogh wasn’t shy about indulging in a few dark pleasures, and after this tour, you’ll understand why. We will trace some of those vices in an engaging and – hopefully – dignified manner on this 5 to 5.5 hour, private guided tour. Skip the line with our guides who will provide tickets that are valid for the whole day. We designed this tour for first-time visitors to learn about the relationship between the artist and Amsterdam’s iconic Red Light District, a relationship that resulted in Van Gogh painting a few scandalous works of art.


You’ve probably heard about one of the world’s most famous painters, Vincent Van Gogh. But what do you actually know about this Dutch artist? We’ll introduce you to the man behind the famous sunflowers and self-portraits on this intimate, small group tour. Learn about him through his iconic paintings of people eating potatoes and of his own bedroom, or maybe his “Wheat field with Crows” or “Yellow House.” We will visit the world’s largest collection of Van Gogh’s works to learn about his turbulent life stretching from his days in Holland to his dramatic ending in France. And yes, don’t worry, we’ll discuss that whole ear incident.

Then after a break for lunch, we’ll keep it as dignified and serious as possible as we discuss the legal drug vendors, the leather neighborhood, and the smoky “coffee shops” that attract people from around the world. Cast away your guilt and judgement, and let’s discuss the etiquette and laws that will allow you to appreciate this district to its fullest after the tour. Our professional guides will lead you through the salacious streets and coffee shops of the Red Light District, following in the footsteps of Van Gogh himself.

Highlights Include: (if artwork is not on loan or being restored etc.)

Large Collection of Self Portraits

Early And Obscure Works

Objects From His Studio


The Potato Eaters

The Bedroom

Yellow House

Wheatfield with Crows

The Condomerie

Hardcore Leather Neighborhood

Sex Shops

Prostitution Information Center

The First Coffee Shop

Cannabis Information Center

The Tower of Tears

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Latest Reviews
Latest Reviews
  • Georgia Frazier Georgia Frazier

    While the small group tour is expensive, Angelo made it well more than worthwhile. His base of knowledge in the art field was outstanding! He overextended himself by providing a great amount of background information, supported by extensive pictures on his iPad, about various artists and their individual works. He easily handled questions from several guests who had a great deal of knowledge about various art ages. artists and there relation with each other. We highly recomend this tour. Be prepared to be overwhelmed.

  • Peter Simpson Peter Simpson

    My tour guide was very well educated in art and taught our group more than we had bargained for. She was also very personable, friendly and flexible with interests. I would highly recommend this tour to anyone with even the slightest interest in the arts. Particularly Vincent Van Gogh.

  • Dana Gross Dana Gross

    Thanks to Henk our guide! he was very detailed and informative in his guidance . I was solo to see this museum, as I was the only one interested to take the tour of Van Gogh ! and it was a smart thing to hire services from Babylon CITY tours!

  • Arnold Underwood Arnold Underwood

    I have been on many tours and thought that this was one of the best. Salena was very knowledgable, personal and interesting. Had a really great time.

  • Milan Benitez Milan Benitez

    We had afantastic time with our guide, Victoria. She was extremely knowledgable and made the museum items really come to live. If you have only a few hours available and want tobknow more than just the average, this tour is a must!

  • Clair Espinoza Clair Espinoza

    I would recommend this tour to anyone that will listen. Our guide was knowledgeable, passionate about her job, and very informative. We really enjoyed our visit and learned so much more than we ever have could on our own.

  • Joann Atkins Joann Atkins

    Amsterdam is one of my favourite cities in Europe. On this trip I wanted to get the best out of it by taking a couple of cultural tours. I chose Babylon Tours since I had a great experience in Paris with them. First I went to RIJKSMUSEUM & Amsterdam Historical Walk "The Whole DAM Story!": Private Guided Tour, which was just perfect to get the bearings of the city but on a more cultural side. The next day we decided to go on what seemed to be a fun tour where you can connect art to the redlight district. The tour is Van Gogh Museum & The Red Light District: Skip the Line Private Tour. We had a great time visiting the Red Light district this way since it added a different perspective to this part of town. Again I booked on their website which is the easiest, thank you!