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Private Dual Delight: Walking Tour of Smithsonian's Natural History & Air/Space Museums

Indulge in Exclusive Exploration of Smithsonian's Premier Museums

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Duration: 5-5.5hs Private Tour

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Take a combo tour of the Smithsonian’s most iconic museums on this convenient and engaging experience. This 5 to 5.5 hour private guided museum combo tour will lead you to experience the two most popular museums in Washington DC with the help of our expert guides navigating the crowds! Dinosaurs to diamonds, planes, planets and spacesuits; our guides have the stories to make them come alive.

(PLEASE NOTE: The Air & Space museum is currently under massive construction and will remain as such for multiple years. This means that Many of the exhibits we describe may NOT be on display. We adjust our tour based on the changing stages of this renovation, and the exhibits that are available to us. here is a link for their website if you would like an updated list of what you may see during your visit:
Thank you for understanding.)

This is your chance to experience the two most popular museums in Washington DC with the help of our expert guides navigating the crowds! Start your day with the largest Natural History collection in the world. Stones, bones, and bugs clamor for your attention at the Smithsonian Natural History museum as the largest taxidermied elephant in the world trumpets your welcome (his name is Henry!). From the most famous single artifact in the Smithsonian collection — the (supposedly) cursed Hope Diamond — to the recently revealed renovated Fossil Hall with Mastodon, T-Rex, and Diplodocus looming over the path, your inner child will remind you of how fascinating the natural world’s mysteries are.
After a break to recharge, cross the famous National Mall to the Smithsonian Air & Space museum. Currently undergoing its own renovation, there is still plenty to see! Starting with a family in Ohio solving a problem not even Leonardo DaVinci could. We speak, of course, of the Wright Brothers who launched the world to literal new heights. The original Wright Flyer from 1903 gets its own exhibition gallery to set the stage for what comes after. From the first military flyer in 1909 (also a Wright Bros. creation) to the golden age of setting records and commercial aviation, imagine the guts it took to trust your life to this novel technology. Then head to the even more intimidating exploits in the space exhibits. Where you view some of the actual artifacts man set out to conquer the vast unknown in an inhospitable environment and then back to Earth’s warm embrace. But the highest heights are those of imagination that inspire us to the risk so much. Your guide will also talk about two of the most famous works of science fiction that inspire scientists and technology at the Starship Enterprise and Star Wars X-Wing!
Experience the two unforgettable museums with one unrivaled experience.

Highlights generally include (as long as not on loan or being restored):

-Henry the largest taxidermied elephant

-Hope Diamond
-The Nation’s T-Rex (Wankel’s T-Rex)

-1903 Wright Flyer

-1909 Wright Military Flyer

-Spirit of St. Louis
-Neil Armstrong’s spacesuit

-Columbia command capsule from Apollo 11 mission
-Enterprise filming model from original Star Trek series

-Filming prop Star Wars X-Wing

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Latest Reviews
Latest Reviews
  • Stephen D Stephen D

    We had 2 different tour guides. Donna for the Smithsonian Air and Space museum and Jennifer for the Smithsonian American History museum. Donna was wonderful and informative and really nice... even with the pouring down rain after our tour.... Then, Jennifer was so nice and she adapted to the problems we had getting to the museum.. she was so informative and really nice too. Both were just first class ladies that were so nice to be with. We wish we had more time, We would recommend both to anyone.

  • Kitty Kitty

    Glennyce, she is our fantastic tour guild. A lot of knowledge and good stuff to see in one day . I would highly recommend.

  • marcus b marcus b

    Unbelievable tour. Guide was amazing. Only way could see so much in one day was with our guide. 5 stars. Unbelievable guide

  • abalfour2017 abalfour2017

    Smithsonian American History Museum and Air and Space Museum Our guide, Glenys, was extremely knowledgable and well prepared facilitating an informative and thoughtful guided tour. Respond

  • GinevraKent GinevraKent

    Visit 2 of the most popular museums in one day! Tour guide is very knowledgeable. He was able to point at the most important artifacts/works of arts on display. Tour company was also very friendly and flexible when we had to reschedule our tours several times due to some tour conflicts. Will rebook with this company in the future :)