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Dutch Art Extravaganza: Semi-Private Combo Tour at Rijksmuseum & Rembrandt Museum

Reserved Entry, Double Delight: Unveiling Masterpieces on a Guided Combo Tour

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Duration: 5.5 hs Semi-Private Tour
Tour Description

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No trip to Amsterdam is complete without an introduction to its artistic institutions. This combo tour ticks all the boxes with a visit to the Rijksmuseum, followed by a tour focusing on the life of world-famous artist Rembrandt. Join our 5 to 5.5 hour guided museum tour, which includes entry so you can maximize every moment.


Your tour starts at Holland’s answer to the Louvre, the Rijksmuseum, housing centuries of Dutch history and art. Explore over 8000 objects, including paintings and artefacts, with artists from the Dutch Golden Age like Rembrandt and Vermeer on display. From dollhouses to a captured British warship, the museum boasts a wide range of historical items. The largest museum in Amsterdam, a visit is an absolute must.

After lunch, dig deeper into Rembrandt’s life to learn all about this iconic Dutch artist. Walk through Spiegelquarter, a district known for a wide array of antiques and artistic goods. Afterwards, wander the Keizersgracht, or Emperor’s canal, where you’ll discuss one of Rembrandt’s most successful apprentices. In Rembrandt Square you’ll hear about the Night Watch Guards, who were characters in one of the artist’s most popular works. His painting is recreated here in bronze sculpture. In Staalstraat, learn about the local Drapers Guild, represented by Rembrandt. Finally, in Waterloo Square, you will discover the former Jewish Quarter, home to a variety of immigrants including Rembrandt and his wife. The couple spent many years living here, near the Amstel River, where their house still stands as a museum dedicated to the artist’s life. It includes etchings and other works done by Rembrandt himself. The furnishings are authentic to the 1600s, reconstituted thanks to auction archives from the period. Wander Rembrandt’s office and see how he produced his work, peeking at the more intimate side of the artist’s life.

Highlights Include: (if artwork is not on loan or being restored etc.)

Rembrandt masterworks

The Jewish Bride

The Syndics of the Drapers’ Guild

Vermeer’s The Milkmaid

19th century library

17th century dollhouses, globes, ship replica, and Delft ceramics

Semi-Private Tour

“Semi-Private” means group size is never more than 8 guests maximum.

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Latest Reviews
Latest Reviews
  • Steve Novack Steve Novack

    I did the museum hop tours in Amsterdam, London, and Paris. Fantastic small group guided tours of some of the greatest museums in the world. I highly recommend all of them!

  • Terrance Lee Terrance Lee

    Viki; our tour guide was legendary. We were in constant awe of her knowledge of the art as well as the museum itself. Request Viki if you are planning a Babylon tour. PS- she also gave us incredible recommendations for nightlife and restaurants. Live Jazz and exciting venues.

  • Tameka Fuler Tameka Fuler

    Very much enjoyed the museum and the private tour. We lucked out and it was only us on the tour. Had a great time with Victoria and got more from the museum than we would have on our own

  • Michael Higgins Michael Higgins

    The guides were very experienced and helpful. They went out of their way ensuring that we had a good time. Amsterdam's wind chill was quite cold during our time there, yet the experience was worth it. The tour was very punctual, which was very professional as well.

  • Jodie Jensen Jodie Jensen

    Our guide Victoria was excellent! She was very knowledgeable and passionate about the art and taught a you to look at paintings from a different perspective. She encouraged you to get up close which is tabu in many museums but allowed you to appreciate the work even more. I would highly recommend this tour and if Victoria is your guide you have one of the best!

  • Georgia Mosley Georgia Mosley

    Victoria gave us a fabulous tour!! The museum is organized chronologically for the most part, which makes it really interesting.

  • Betsy Yu Betsy Yu

    We had an excellent experience with Victoria today. She is thoroughly knowledgeable and worked diligently to bring both museums alive for us. If at all possible you should request her when booking museum tours in Amsterdam.

  • Christopher Dorsey Christopher Dorsey

    my small group tour of the two museums in amsterdam was fabulous. Pina was my guide; she did a really super job, i enjoyed it a bunch. i've done Babylon tours now in Amsterdam and Paris... all i have to say is "do it folks!!!" they really are the best I've ever encountered..

  • Paul Chavez Paul Chavez

    excellent knowledgeable guide. we booked a group tour but wound up being the only couple with our guide.

  • Carly Klein Carly Klein

    Our guide was an art history major. She gave very intimate descriptions of the motivation and background of the artist as well as the influence each painter had on the work of others and vice versa. There was a focus to her guided tour that I found helpful to keep the stories and the art and artists in my mind as a picture map. Well worth the money.

  • Pat Garrett Pat Garrett

    Tea was an excellent guide. We learnt so much about the paintings in both museums as well as about the artists and the times they lived in. Can’t recommend more highly. Tea’s enthusiasm is infectious

  • Toby Scott Toby Scott

    This was a wonderfully conducted tour of both museums by our guide Selina Anderson. Selina curated our experience so that we had a real sense of the history and shared her excitement and passion for what we were seeing. I can honestly say that this tour was one of my best days in Amsterdam!

  • Herb Erickson Herb Erickson

    Angelo was full of information and energy - he really knew his stuff. It was great to see some of the highlights of the Rijksmuseum with him, but also to hear about the history of the building and the city/country as well. We also enjoyed walking through the city with him as he was just a constant font of knowledge. We would definitely recommend him!

  • Joshua House Joshua House

    Great tour of both the Rijksmuseum and Rembrandt' neighborhood and house. Angelo our guide was incredible. He was So informative on the art, architecture, history, customs, the city and everything Rembrandt! Truly one of the best tours we have ever been on! Bravo Angelo!

  • Rich Hendricks Rich Hendricks

    Selina was a wonderful and knowledgeable tour guide. Her expertise helped us to make the most of our one day visit to the museums. I enjoyed her perspective on many of the pieces we were able to see. So many masterful pieces of art in a concentrated setting! Meeting spot was easy to find. Day was just very pleasurable and Selina made that possible!

  • Veronica Galvan Veronica Galvan

    We had a Fantastic tour. Our guide, Eve, was knowledgable and personable and pitched the tour well to our interests. We had a fabulous day!

  • Alvin Irwin Alvin Irwin

    Tour guide was great. She was engaging and humorous, while still providing us with needed facts and information