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Private Dual Discovery: Exclusive Rijksmuseum & Amsterdam City Center Combo Tour

Tailored Art and Heritage: Unveiling Amsterdam's Treasures on a Private Guided Tour

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Duration: 5.5hs Private Tour

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For those who aren’t familiar with Dutch culture – and who is really? – we will explore its rich and vibrant past on this popular combo tour. It’s the perfect way to mix culture, history, and sightseeing while spending the day with one of our vibrant young guides. The 5 to 5.5 hour private tour will include a visit to the Rijksmuseum followed by a historic walking tour of the city center.


Begin at Holland’s answer to the Louvre, called the Rijksmuseum. Explore Dutch history through a selection over 8000 objects on display. We’ll discuss familiar names like Rembrandt as well as lesser known items like 17th century dollhouses. Understand the meaning behind Vermeer’s “The Milkmaid” and marvel at the expansive 19th century library. At the end of the tour, you’ll have a good overview of the museum’s collection and you may even know how to pronounce its name correctly.

After a break for lunch, move outdoors and orient yourself to Amsterdam with an introduction to its history and learn how a small 12th century fishing village with a simple dam became one of the most popular capital cities in the world. Our guides will crisscross its iconic canals and bridges while peeking into its quiet courtyards, offering a postcard image of the city. You will discover its leaning houses and other landmarks while learning how to navigate the oftentimes tricky streets of the city center. Our local guides are also eager to share their insider knowledge so that you can maximize your time spent in Amsterdam.

Highlights Include: (if artwork is not on loan or being restored etc.)

Rembrandt masterworks

The Nightwatch

The Jewish Bride

The Syndics of the Drapers’ Guild

Vermeer’s The Milkmaid

19th century library

17th century dollhouses, globes, ship replica, and Delft ceramics

The Dam Square

Wester & Old Church & Hidden Churches

Leaning Houses

The Thinnest house

The Oldest Canals

The Sea Dike and China Town

The New Market Square (Nieuwmarkt)

The Medieval City Gate


Private Tour

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Latest Reviews
Latest Reviews
  • Sara H Sara H

    Amsterdam is one of my favourite cities in Europe. On this trip I wanted to get the best out of it by taking a couple of cultural tours. I chose Babylon Tours since I had a great experience in Paris with them. First I went to RIJKSMUSEUM & Amsterdam Historical Walk "The Whole DAM Story!": Private Guided Tour, which was just perfect to get the bearings of the city but on a more cultural side. The next day we decided to go on what seemed to be a fun tour where you can connect art to the redlight district. The tour is Van Gogh Museum & The Red Light District: Skip the Line Private Tour. We had a great time visiting the Red Light district this way since it added a different perspective to this part of town. Again I booked on their website which is the easiest, thank you!

  • Terry Craig Terry Craig

    While the small group tour is expensive, Angelo made it well more than worthwhile. His base of knowledge in the art field was outstanding! He overextended himself by providing a great amount of background information, supported by extensive pictures on his iPad, about various artists and their individual works. He easily handled questions from several guests who had a great deal of knowledge about various art ages. artists and there relation with each other. We highly recomend this tour. Be prepared to be overwhelmed.

  • Brendon Nelson Brendon Nelson

    Giuseppina was fun and offered a lot of insights, focusing on the master pieces in the museum and telling us many details and background stories we would have missed out on otherwise. Enjoyed our day with her very much!

  • Lidia Arellano Lidia Arellano

    My son and I had booked a Skip-the-Line: Private Rijksmuseum and Amsterdam Walking Tour. The Tour was suddenly interrupted after fifteen minutes because of a general power outage. Frustration got the better of me and I rated the experience as “poor”. Very unfair for our Tour guide according to my son… and he is right! The power failure had nothing to do with the quality of service, I recognize. Our guide, Victoria, was a true professional with an absolute mastering of her subject. The person in charge, Dario, went out of his way to correct the situation and make sure we would appreciate all that was in his power to make our experience better. Here’s an organization that cares! I highly recommend this Service Provider.

  • Gail Maxwell Gail Maxwell

    The guides were very experienced and helpful. They went out of their way ensuring that we had a good time. Amsterdam's wind chill was quite cold during our time there, yet the experience was worth it. The tour was very punctual, which was very professional as well.

  • Ronald Lang Ronald Lang

    Viki; our tour guide was legendary. We were in constant awe of her knowledge of the art as well as the museum itself. Request Viki if you are planning a Babylon tour. PS- she also gave us incredible recommendations for nightlife and restaurants. Live Jazz and exciting venues.