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Paris City Center & Louvre Museum Semi-Private Guided Tour: Reserved Entry & Cultural Odyssey

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Duration: 5.5hs Semi-Private Tour
Tour Description

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Get a crash course in the best of Paris with a visit through the city center and the Louvre museum. Join one of our certified guides for a 5.5 hour tour and become an expert in all things Paris!


Take a deep dive into the heart of Paris with our tour of the historic city center and the iconic Louvre museum! Our tours are small—no more than 8 people per visit—so that you get a chance to ask questions and engage in discussion with one of our certified guides as they take you on this journey through the cultural, artistic and political history of Paris.

The Notre Dame Cathedral, where you’ll start the day, is located at the exact center of the city, and from here, you’ll walk to Pont Neuf, the city’s oldest bridge and the perfectly manicured flowerbeds of the Tuileries. You’ll then visit the Place de la Concorde, where the guillotine stood during the French Revolution, and catch a glimpse of the elegant Champs Elysées, as your guide explains the stories behind key figures who helped build the city, including Henri IV, Louis XIV and Napoleon Bonaparte.

After taking a break for lunch—this is the culinary capital of the world, after all—you’ll skip the line at the Louvre and plunge into this world-renowned museum. You’ll learn about its roots as a fortress and then royal residence, and how its origins have made it the repository of some of the city’s most infamous secrets and scandals. You’ll take in the gorgeous (and armless) Venus de Milo, the stunning (and headless) Winged Victory of Samothrace, gape at the crowned jewels in the Apollo Gallery and feel small in the medieval moat that lies beneath the museum. You’ll also learn about artists like Michelangelo and Delacroix and visit the Mona Lisa. Join us for a day of history, art and surprises!

Highlights Generally Include: (if artwork is not on loan or being restored etc.)

Notre Dame Cathedral (exterior), which inspired the most famous novel in French history

Pont Neuf, the oldest bridge in Paris

Tuileries Gardens, where beautiful flowers and Fashion Week photo shoots live

Venus de Milo, the most celebrated statue from ancient Greece

Mona Lisa, the most famous painting in the world


Museum Entry Tickets Notes: Each guest will be provided with a timed ticket with their full name purchased by us directly from the official Louvre website on your behalf (Louvre Tickets: Adult Tickets 17€, All guests ages 0 to 17 enter for free and must bring their Valid photo ID to prove their age at security check). The ticket is personal and for exclusive use of each guest on the tour. Tickets NOT SOLD SEPARATELY and are only provided when guests book our guided tour.

Semi-Private Tour

“Semi-Private” means group size is never more than 8 guests maximum.

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Latest Reviews
Latest Reviews
  • Mario S Mario S

    Well worth the price, Ask for LjiJiana as a guide she was unbelievable, very knowable and took the time to point out the little things that you would not notice and miss. She took the time to educate you with the facts of what you are looking at. I only wish we had her for the full day there was so much more I would have liked to have had her cover.

  • Andrew C Andrew C

    Agathe delivered a superb tour from Notre Dame to the Louvre, giving lots of fascinating insights and detail which we would never have otherwise discovered. She was a charming and thoughtful guide. I would firmly recommend Babylon to anyone interested in digging a bit below the surface in this interesting city.

  • akash c akash c

    We did this tour today and it was one of the best tour we did ... Our Guide Liliya was excellent .... there is so much detail and she covered everything perfectly ... my 10 and 13 year old enjoyed every aspect of this tour ... hats off to excellent guide !!!!

  • illyay illyay

    This was an incredible tour, and without a doubt exceeded our expectations. Our guide, Belen, was exceptional. She was of course very personable, polite, and thoughtful: she told us numerous times that we should tell her if she needs to speed up or slow down, to ask questions, etc. The amazing thing about her was how engaging she made the overall experience. She was clearly very passionate about the history of the city, and very very knowledgeable in topics ranging from history to architecture to art, religion and even Egyptology. Belen translated this passion into an engaging conversation with us, which made the whole tour feel like a true learning experience as opposed to simply “memorize these dates and names because this is important per academia or popular for various reasons.”The fact that she was quite funny also helped convey many of her points and material. This was a dense tour with lots of information, quite a bit of walking around Paris (but not overwhelming), and inside the Louvre. Belen asked us about whether we wished to opt for a slower or more intense/fast pace to cover more ground. She suggested a few places to grab lunch, and offered some good advice about art galleries which we were after. We would highly encourage anyone to take this tour for an immersive and invaluable orientation, not only for first-time Paris visitors.

  • Jeff O Jeff O

    Excellent guide for tour of Norte Dame and Louvre. Energetic, friendly and knowledgeable. Teenagers loved the whole tour (as did parents), particularly the museum portion. Worth every penny.

  • G5994CLsteve G5994CLsteve

    What a fantastic experience. Our tour guide (lilly) knew the two locations intimately and gave us a fascinating insight into the buildings, the artwork and the people. In particular her knowledge of the Louvre was incredible. I will be back with my family

  • Alan C Alan C

    We've taken a number of tours around the world and have found that a guide who is both knowledgeable AND passionate is extremely rare. We found this winning combination in Laura Grant. Her great personality and insights into more than just the art made our 4th trip to the Louvre (and Paris) our most memorable one. We enjoyed her company and conversation enough to invite her to lunch afterwards. Truly a great experience.

  • kg11354 kg11354

    This is an excellent introduction into history of Paris and art. We had Alex as our tour guide for both places. Were really lucky to be the only ones on the tour. Alex speaks clear and fluent English (had other guides who were difficult to understand). Very well structured tour, interesting commentary (brief and to the point) with local anecdotes makes the time fly by.Highly recommend. Just enough time and information to retain it all after your visit. Do not waste your precious time exploring these humongous museums on your own.

  • manrich78 manrich78

    First I have to say this was my husband's and I first trip to Paris from TX, USA. Our experience with our tour guide was unbelievably perfect. She was extremely knowledgeable and made us that much more interested in the architecture and art of Paris. She was very personable and we really enjoyed the histoy of the Notre Dame, Latin square, the Louvre, the history of the popularity of the Monna Lisa and so much more. She was fabulous and I would recommend her as a tour guide 100x over. Very well done. Thanks so much! Chris & Amanda Richardson

  • JacquiCarroll JacquiCarroll

    With very limited time in Paris and the Louvre high on our list Babylon Tours offered a fantastic small group experience covering the must see exhibits at the Louvre. Our guide Arnaud was brilliant and very knowledgeable, he had a real passion for art history and a good sense of humor. If your planning a trip to the Louvre you'd be crazy not to book with Babylon!

  • DebM336 DebM336

    My husband and I, after 15 years, decided to return to Paris with 2 of our 3 children (18 and 15). I researched different tour companies on line for many days as I needed to find one that would work for us. There was only one that stood out - Babylon Tours. The kids didn't want to do any tours but with only a week in Paris I insisted, I organized the Paris History and Treasures Walk with The Louvre Museum Walking Tour - a 6 hour tour! Within the first hour my kids were hooked. Our guide, Arnaud, was fantastic. He certainly knew his stuff and made everything so interesting with lots of humour thrown in. The next day we booked the Musee D'Orsay 2 hour tour which was brilliant particularly when we skipped the long, long line for the Van Gogh exhibition. Arnaud gave us a fantastic history of the artists and their works giving more understanding to the paintings. We thoroughly enjoyed this. As someone who spent several years (over 30 years ago!) as a tour guide in Paris, I was highly impressed with Babylon Tours and would recommend them to everyone. Their small groups, detailed information (without overload) and humour was a fantastic introduction to Paris for our children and a rekindling of my love for Paris. We are already planning our return!

  • Navi_M_1984 Navi_M_1984

    Firstly, I am sooo happy I requested Alex as our tour guide. My husband and I did the walking tour and the Louvre with Alex. I went from not having much of an appreciation for art to now loving it! Alex explained the history behind the pieces and what makes them unique to others. I wish we had time to book him for Orsey since I know he would have made it just as amazing. We were so excited to go to each piece because of the things he had to say about them. He clearly knew which ones were of importance and which ones were worth skipping. I have never had such an amazing tour as this one... and trust me I have been to a lot of places! I specifically created this account just to let everyone know how great Babylon tours and our tour guide Alex is.

  • Fivegrants Fivegrants

    As a solo traveller who speaks very little french I highly recommend this tour. I did the Paris walking tour followed by the Louvre visit with Chris, a very knowledgeable and engaging guide who helped me understand the history of Paris. I learnt so much and am looking forward to going on another tour with Babylon Tours.

  • Gabriela M Gabriela M

    We were very satisfied with the tour. We learned a lot of facts about art and the history of Paris. Our guide Belén was awesome! She was nice and very knowledgable.

  • drinkpaintlove drinkpaintlove

    This was a wonderful tour! Our guide (Naf) was incredibly informative about the historical sights along the Seine, and her guidance through the Louvre ensured that we got to see all the key pieces in timely fashion, while learning interesting facts about both the art and the museum building...And the recommendation she gave us for our lunch break before we began the Louvre portion of the tour was absolutely perfect! We had a wonderful time on this tour and hope to be able to use Babylon Tours again in the future.

  • Judith B Judith B

    My husband and I booked these 2 tours (semi-private, maximum 5 people) after reading Trip Advisor Reviews. I had lived in Paris many years ago however this was my husband's first time in Paris. I wanted to chose things to do that would give him the flavor of the city, perhaps a bit of an "off the beaten path experience", yet also expose him to the traditional aspects of Paris. On both days(March 31, 2015 and April 1, 2015) we were paired with the same pleasant family of three from Canada (Mom, Dad and 17 year old son). For our Montmartre/Orsay Tour our guide was Harriet and for the Paris Treasures/Louvre Tour our guide was Filipa. Both guides, although very different in personality and approach were superb, knowledgeable and charming!! They excelled in their historical knowledge which made our afternoon time in the museums even more meaningful. We all got along very well, had lunch together each day, and were exposed to Paris in a way that would not have been possible on our own or with a larger group. I consider the cost of the tours well worth the money and in relation to the general cost of things in Paris, I would describe them as a bargain. These two days provided us with an experience that will last a lifetime. Wear your most comfortable walking shoes and you will be delighted to bypass the long lines at the Musee d'Orsay and Le Louvre. Cudos to Babylon Tours! Very highly recommended!

  • RPrehn RPrehn

    We toured the Louvre and Notre Dame with Randa and it was like walking around with your best friend who just knows everything about Paris. She was such a delight and pointed out many things that most people would just walk right by. She even pointed out a Parisian family moving from their apartment with the use of special equipment to get things in and out of the windows (the stairs are too narrow to move furniture). How cool is that? And we took her good advice to find lunch and eat outside in the gardens just like the locals. Randa -you were all over that and we thank you.

  • cyclone1955 cyclone1955

    Wonderful tour. Our tour guide Belen was the best guide we have ever had. Her knowledge of the louvre was outstanding.

  • sarahbeth0901 sarahbeth0901

    The tour guide spoke great english and knew alot about both the history of france as well as the art work. He was also very helpful with taking pictures. Couldn't have asked for a better tour.

  • Mike S Mike S

    Our walking tour was headed up by Harriet - just an outstanding young woman whose passion for the arts and history really was brought out by her knowledge and enthusiasm! She was very sensitive to our needs as a group! I'd highly recommend her to anyone considering this tour!

  • Suzy M Suzy M

    I have travelled to Paris for work many times but this was my husband's first visit so we organised the walking tour with Babylon on Day one and what a great idea this turned out to be! Our guide Belen did not just give us a tour and show us important landmarks, museums and buildings etc - no no we got so much more! We were given an exciting compelling sweeping narrative that really set the context of what we were looking at - which in turn gave meaning and memory to the whole experience. The power struggles between state and church, the advent of globalisation and the important symbolism that the fame of the Mona Lisa has in marking its advent are just two of so many themes we discussed. A totally interactive and involving experience and one we would eagerly recommend!

  • Ali23453 Ali23453

    Our tour guide, Christopher, met us near Notre Dame and we immediately liked him. He was funny and personable, well-spoken and articulate. Our tour was very small, only myself and my fiancee, and it couldn't have worked out better. We spent a leisurely 5 or so hours roaming Paris and he showed us some interesting things, shared details and history of the city with us, took us to a neat spot for lunch, and finished up with a tour of the main high points at the Louvre. Best tour experience we've ever had!

  • FloridaSprinty FloridaSprinty

    Last week we had the pleasure of spending the first day of our Paris trip with Josephine. We chose the Paris Walk / Louvre Tour and enjoyed every moment. Josephine was entertaining, informative and attentive. This tour is a wonderful way to get acquainted with the city and get the most out of your museum time. We highly recommend this tour company and guide.

  • rossanagrosso rossanagrosso

    We got stuck on the metro and Carolina call us and wait for us. These were really important to un cause we had the possibility to have the tour anyway. She was gente and nice and she explained very well everything. It was really great!!! Thanks Carolina

  • ssl56 ssl56

    We took the Babylon tour of the historical sites of Paris with a visit to the Louvre at the tour’s end. It was our first time to Paris. Our guide was well informed and took us to major sites around the historical district such as Norte Dame. She was well informed and had a good knowledge of the area’s history. We were a small group of 3 so she tried to tailor the tour to our interest. I was interested in medieval times and she covered that subject during the tour. She was an art history graduate student so her brief tour of the Louvre was very interesting and informative. I wish I could remember her name-I would highly recommend her.

  • harrietmul harrietmul

    I did not want it to end. So educational, fun and moving at the same time. How the two hours flew by. Just everything was more than I anticipated.

  • andychapman9 andychapman9

    This was a fantastic tour giving a real incite into Paris and its history. Our guide Bellen took good care of us from the start to the end of our tour. Providing fascinating facts and then in the afternoon bringing the Louvre alive, it was the highlight of our holiday in Paris


    Randa was our tour guide, a very friendly and laid back Texan living in Paris now. We met at the Cite' Metro stop on the island. Our walking tour included inside Notre Dame, then a walk to the Louvre. She was helpful at pointing out the gypsy pickpockets and warning us about how they work (we saw one getting arrested during our walk)...this was helpful for the rest of our trip because these people are everywhere. We opted to skip lunch and go straight to the Louvre tour, which hit all of the "must-sees". After the tour, she told us how to get to a great Brasserie for lunch. My only complaint is that the website is not informative on what is included in the "walk" part, and we had already gone to Notre Dame the day before, so we basically saw it twice. I wish I would have known so we could have done something else the day before. My advice to the company is to please include the route of the "walk" on their website. Otherwise, I was very pleased with our tour and tour guide.


    Harriet, our guide was terrific. Not only was she knowledgable about art but told us so much about the history of Paris and France. The small group is the way to visit the museums as the crowds of people there would make it hard to hear the tour guides or to ask questions.

  • A Davis M A Davis M

    Belen was our guide and she was incredibly informative and friendly. I highly recommend the tour as a way to get an overall feel for this part of Paris. The tour ended at the Louvre so we were able to stay there long after the tour. We also returned to Notre Dame the next day to see a bit more, as the tour really moves quickly through it - probably fine for most people but we wanted to spend a bit more time there (free entrance fees so wasn't a big deal to go back the next day). Also, our tour was private, so just the guide and the two of us.

  • Cathy B Cathy B

    I can't say enough about the opportunity to spend a day in Paris with Alex! What a wonderful person and guide. Alex made the day very special. We started at Notre Dame and then walked to the Louvre (grabbing lunch along the way). He was knowledgeable, passionate about art and history and was great ensuring we were getting what we expected (we did and then some). We learned so much. We traveled as a family of 5 throughout Europe for 23 days. We had wonderful guides, but Alex was the best. Thanks so much!

  • dmmax20700 dmmax20700

    Our guide Liliya was EXCELLENT!!! The knowledge she passed onto to us was fantastic, not only at Notre Dame but also at the Louvre. Would definitely recommend this tour and her.

  • manrich78 manrich78

    First I have to say this was my husband's and I first trip to Paris from TX, USA. Our experience with our tour guide was unbelievably perfect. She was extremely knowledgeable and made us that much more interested in the architecture and art of Paris. She was very personable and we really enjoyed the histoy of the Notre Dame, Latin square, the Louvre, the history of the popularity of the Monna Lisa and so much more. She was fabulous and I would recommend her as a tour guide 100x over. Very well done. Thanks so much! Chris & Amanda

  • bsgvet bsgvet

    This was an excellent tour- our guide Dennis was fabulous! He was very knowledgeable and focused the Louvre tour to all the major artworks to see in a short one day visit. The Seine river walk never happened because of flooding of the Seine historic levels We visited Notre Dame and other sites along the way to the louvre.