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Paris City Center + Louvre Museum Skip-the-Line Guided Combo Tour – Private

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Duration: 5 to 5.5hs Private Tour

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See it all in just one day on this joint tour between the historic center of Paris and its most famous museum, the Louvre. Our 5 to 5.5 hour private tour lets you see it all with one of our delightful guides that you’ll have all to yourself.


The city of Paris has spiraled out from Notre Dame over the centuries, so we think it’s only appropriate to start our private tour here. We’ll move towards the city’s oldest bridge and to its perfectly manicured flowerbeds at the Tuileries Gardens. Stand where heads rolled at the Place de la Concorde while learning about the world’s most beautiful  avenue, the Champs Elysées. We’ll introduce you to the characters that built this city, including Henri IV, Louis XIV, and Napoleon Bonaparte, with stories you won’t find in the guidebooks.

After a break for lunch, we’ll skip the lines at the Louvre museum to discuss the highlights and masterpieces that attract millions of visitors to the museum each year. After the tour you’ll be well-versed in the museum’s history and secrets, and you’ll understand – well, almost – why thousands of people take selfies with the Mona Lisa. It’s the most famous museum in the world, and with good reason. From its roots as a fortress to its days as a royal residence, the Louvre museum has more secrets than any building in Paris could ever hold. This intimate private Louvre Museum tour seeks to captivate first timers as well as those who think they know it all as you visit statues like the armless Venus de Milo and the headless Winged Victory of Samothrace. Drool over the crowned jewels in the opulent Apollo Gallery and descend into the depths of the medieval moat beneath the museum. We’ll even discuss a few master painters like Michelangelo and Delacroix. From the smiling Mona Lisa to the 19th century masters, our passionate guides will show you what you need to see at the Louvre, as well as a few surprises.

Highlights Generally Include: (if artwork is not on loan or being restored etc.)

Notre-Dame Cathedral (Exterior)


Tuileries Gardens


View of Arc de Triomphe

View of Eiffel Tower

Mona Lisa, Da Vinci

Venus de Milo

Michelangelo’s Slaves

Winged Victory of Samothrace

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Latest Reviews
  • gail

    OVER THE TOP! Wish we could offer 10 Stars! Liliya our guide was EXTRAORDINARY! Words cannot express our gratitude for the time, education, and knowledge Liliya provided with us on Monday. In large part, she was the reason our trip was so amazing! Her ability to provide the historical details with a true storytelling-style and quality was exceptional--second to none. Her knowledge of Notre Dame and The Louvre was beyond exceptional! We honestly had no idea how much we would enjoy, value and appreciate the hours she spent with us. In addition to the walking tour she recommended restaurants, events and additional sites to compliment our planned itinerary. Every moment of our Paris journey was remarkable and it all truly began with this tour, with Liliya--we will always be grateful to her, for lending her wisdom, recommendations and French hospitalityit was exceptional!


    This was an incredible tour, and without a doubt exceeded our expectations. Our guide, Belen, was exceptional. She was of course very personable, polite, and thoughtful: she told us numerous times that we should tell her if she needs to speed up or slow down, to ask questions, etc. The amazing thing about her was how engaging she made the overall experience. She was clearly very passionate about the history of the city, and very very knowledgeable in topics ranging from history to architecture to art, religion and even Egyptology. Belen translated this passion into an engaging conversation with us, which made the whole tour feel like a true learning experience as opposed to simply memorize these dates and names because this is important per academia or popular for various reasons.The fact that she was quite funny also helped convey many of her points and material. This was a dense tour with lots of information, quite a bit of walking around Paris but not overwhelming, and inside the Louvre. Belen asked us about whether we wished to opt for a slower or more intense/fast pace to cover more ground. She suggested a few places to grab lunch, and offered some good advice about art galleries which we were after. We would highly encourage anyone to take this tour for an immersive and invaluable orientation, not only for first-time Paris visitors.

  • Emily K

    This tour was amazing!

  • Gary R

    Perfect tour, thank you Heidi! Can't say enough good things about this tour and our guide. So glad we chose to do this, it's the perfect way to learn a little more about the city and absolutely the best way to see the Louvre. I visited the Louvre once before, many years ago and was completely overwhelmed. Heidi gave us the perfect introduction and made sure we saw all the highlights.

  • Luis

    A!! our tour guide was so passionate and with so much knowledge that make this tour one of the best experience in Paris... and skipping the lines was a biiig plus!

  • Mary G

    Amanda was an excellent guide. We hit the highlights of the Louvre. Would highly recommend.

  • Donnards

    This tour was a complete delight; it really felt like a good friend showing me his home town. Alex, my guide, was very knowledgeable, and personalized the tour to my interests. If you love to walk then I highly recommend this way of exploring Paris. It began with Notre Dame and ended with the Louvre. Alex left me with plenty of options to continue to discover the delights of Paris.

  • manrich78

    First I have to say this was my husband's and I first trip to Paris from TX, USA. Our experience with our tour guide was unbelievably perfect. She was extremely knowledgeable and made us that much more interested in the architecture and art of Paris. She was very personable and we really enjoyed the histoy of the Notre Dame, Latin square, the Louvre, the history of the popularity of the Monna Lisa and so much more. She was fabulous and I would recommend her as a tour guide 100x over. Very well done. Thanks so much! Chris & Amanda Richardson

  • Annette M

    We had a fantastic experience on this privately guided tour! We were a group of 6 with my father in a wheelchair so we were separated into two small groups. Lily and Harriet were our tour guides and they were both Awesome! Very informational with lots of great knowledge and beautiful personalities! They guided us to the most important works of art in both museums and answered all questions along the way. Lily went out of her way to prepare for the tour by preplanning the wheelchair routes through each museum to offer a great experience for my father, it was greatly appreciated! Harriet was also helpful and took us to a fantastic Parisian Café for a great lunch were they joined us and fit in just like family. It was a wonderful experience that I would highly recommend to everyone! I look forward to returning to Paris, this time in the spring to revisit both museums and some of the gardens in the area. Thank you Lily and Harry for a wonderful day!

  • jennyware

    The perfect tour - our guide was lovely and very knowledgeable about the history and areas along our tour and she allowed us flexibility to do some additional things that we wanted to was a great day!

  • Graham C

    Great day on this tour with morning walking the history of Paris getting context of the inner city, lunch in the park and then guided private tour of Louvre for the two of us. Phillipa was our guide. Top stories, interesting facts tailored to our interests. Great guide. As first time visitors to Louvre excellent way to see highlights and get a feel for the place. Very highly recommended. Thanks team.

  • Bruce P

    We heard about Babylon Tours from a friend. We booked a private guide for a day to see the center of Paris and the Louvre. Laura was wonderful! An ex-pat from Australia, she almost spoke the same language as we do in the western USA. She met us at our apartment near the Grand Palais. We walked east from there past many of the attractions I've reviewed here. Had a coffee in the Tuileries garden to prepare ourselves for an assault on the Louvre. After the Louvre, we had lunch at Le Fumoir. We finished the day crossing Pont Neuf to Île de la Cité and a walk to Notre Dame. She told us about the history, art and way of life in Paris. Over lunch, she marked up our maps with little hints and things that only locals would know. She was the epitome of a charming hostess showing off "her" city. Babylon Tours was money VERY well spent.

  • pquatt

    On Jan. 30, 2017, my son, daughter-in-law and I had the most wonderful "Paris History and Treasures Walk & Louvre Museum" Tour. It was our first trip to Paris and we saw and learned so much . Our tour guide, Fabrizia, was the very best! She was so knowledgeable, informative, and her love of the subject matter was completely contagious. She made the day! This was a fantastic experience and I would highly recommend it.

  • Jennifer W?

    One of the best tours that I've ever done, our guide was so nice and knowledgeable!

  • uskoaa

    We got great tour guide Sam, easy and pleasant, knowledgeable and in love with Paris. If you have a preference they will accommodate you which is nice

  • chrism

    We walked along the waterways, streets, Notre Dame and our guide Arnaud's stories helped us to truly grasp what we were looking at or why it was created. While we enjoyed lunch we talked about our families and experiences. The many steps we took throughout Paris were filled with historical facts and stories that came to life. My wife and I are novice when it comes to art appreciation but Arnaud was able to preface most sites and collections with a story that held our attention while touring the Louvre. Arnaud made this an enjoyable and memorable experience.

  • Mike

    This was a great tour-- we really enjoyed Alex as a tour guide. He was extremely knowledgeable and really put the history of the city into context for us. His knowledge of art history was also great since the tour ended in the Louvre. Fantastic tour-- highly recommended!

  • anita

    Had Randa as our guide, and private it was!!! Just myself and my daughter what a great tour! Did the area around Notre Dame and the cathedral then skip the line Louvre and the top 10 or so displays with great info for each. Many thanks for sending us to enjoy the BEST hot choclat ever!!!!!!!!!

  • G W C

    fantastic trip. Phillipa as our guide. Morning spent walking old city tailored to our interests with great stories linking places. Picnic lunch where we could chat with Phillipa about all sorts of issues and then 2 hour personal tour of Louvre. as first time visitors to Louvre only way to go as get a feeling for the place, get to see highlights but also start to understand the "why" of the place. Great value and highly recommended.

  • dawson.tang

    Friendly guide.

  • Rebecca C

    Our experience was entirely dependent upon Harriet, our guide, who was incredibly knowledgeable, passionate about French history and art and coud not have been more charming and personable. There wasn't a question I asked that she couldn't answer and the color and context she gave to every point of interest and certainly, our tour through the Louvre, absolutely made the tour for me and my 17 year old as well. She was a gift on our trip - and I would highly recommend requesting her if that's possible. This is a great first day walking tour to take - to acquaint yourself with the history and points in time as you begin your stay in Paris.

  • donnard_sturgis

    This tour was a complete delight it really felt like a good friend showing me his home town. Alex, my guide, was very knowledgeable, and personalized the tour to my interests. If you love to walk then I highly recommend this way of exploring Paris. It began with Notre Dame and ended with the Louvre. Alex left me with plenty of options to continue to discover the delights of Paris.

  • angchie

    Our guide patiently waited for us in front of the train station. Good thing this was a private tour so we were the only ones she's waiting on. Our guide knows quite a bit of facts and place of interests. She was also helping us with our baby stroller. She was patient and didn't mind going over time. Weather permitting, this tour is great for all ages. You get to put things in perspective.

  • Erin D

    The tour was amazing and our tour guide was outstanding! Chris was so knowledgeable about Paris and it's history and his passion for the city was infectious. He also made the tour of the Louve exceptional. I would highly recommend this tour and ask for Chris!!

  • Steven P

    Was awesome guide was excellent had a great intro for my daughter for my daughter

  • Kimberly K

    Randa was an amazing tour guide. She was very knowledgeable not only about the sites we were seeing, but the museums and all of Paris. We got lucky and were her only clients that day, so had a private tour which allowed us to ask a lot of questions. When we finished she also had great recommends for the rest of our stay in Paris. Wonderful!!!

  • William B

    Our personal guide was funny and very knowledgeable. It was great to be able to tailor the tour to our liking and to not have to fight for position in a group to ask questions and hear the answers.

  • themrsrev2003

    This was the highlight of our trip to Paris. For anyone visiting Paris for the first time this trip is essential.


    Our tour guide Harryette was very knowledgeable, pleasant, interesting tour guide that we ever met before.We would definitely recommend her.

  • CM L?

    Berdine our guide was well educated. Her knowledge on her subject matter was extraordinaire. Would recommend her to everyone.

  • Jeff M

    Our Tour Guides were Lilia and Dario. They were both excellent. Could not have wanted more from our tours.

  • Lewis C

    this the best part, our guide Hari..was on time and knowledgeable. skip the line is the way to go with the added expense, The paper said to meet in the Place Louie NOT out in front so we stood in line to go into the police station for a look around.

  • Juan Carlos G

    I would toward guide Chris was phenomenal. He was extremely knowledgeable. One of the best experiences I had on this trip.

  • steve balmer

    Excellent we had a private guide who was very knowledgeable.

  • Maria Angelica H

    Excellent. Alexander lead our tour masterfully. All four of us, aged 12-47, loved the tour.

  • Sarah F

    Randa was a fun, extremely knowledgable tour guide in Paris. The tour was only 3 hours but we packed a fair bit in. There's so much to see in Paris but this gives you a fairly Good base and the tour of the Louvre is really good also. Thanks !

  • Louise's Birthday

    This was a special trip to Paris as it was my daughter's 21st birthday and her first visit to Paris. Alex our guide could not have been more interesting, congenial, professional. He is a great story teller and showed us many hidden secrets in Paris!! The Louvre can be overwhelming and if you do not have as much time as you need to do it justice, please have Alex take you through it. He showed us many pieces, aspects and areas that most tourists don't see or even know about. He certainly captured the imagination and attention of two 21 year olds who didn't look at their iPhones for several hours!! Thank you, Alex!!!

  • Davis

    Outstanding! Highly informed and energetic guide