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Latin Quarter (w/ Notre Dame Cathedral) Guided Walking Tour – Private

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Duration: 2.5hs Private Tour

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There’s a reason why writers like Hemingway and Fitzgerald lived in the Latin Quarter, and this exclusive private guided walking tour will make that painfully clear. Our 2.5 hour private tour starts by the Notre Dame Cathedral followed by a charming walk through the Latin Quarter and pairs you with one of our attentive, dynamic guides who will share the stories that make this district so memorable.


From the most ancient Roman ruins to the sets for Woody Allen’s “Midnight in Paris,” this tour will walk you through the centuries that have shaped this Left Bank neighbohood. Dig up its intellectual roots at the Sorbonne University or by discussing the famous thinkers buried under the Pantheon’s majestic dome. Pal around with today’s literati as you browse the stacks at Shakespeare & Co. and then pull up a chair and read a few chapters at the Luxembourg Gardens. You may even be inspired to pick up a pen and start your own novel by the end of the tour. Just make sure you dedicate it to us.

Highlights Generally Include:


Roman Amphitheater

Luxembourg Gardens

Shakespeare & Co.

Sorbonne University

Midnight in Paris

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Latest Reviews
  • Flipperp43

    This was the best! Knowledgeable guide walked us all through the old city of Paris, Notre Dame and into the Latin Quarter. Got us to all the sites and explained everything we saw. Wonderful stories and information. Be prepared to walk and wear comfortable shoes.

  • Breanna B

    Honestly this was one of the best tour experiences ever. Agatha was very knowledgeable and engaging. I recommend Babylon tours (and especially Agatha) to anyone. Agatha even pointed out cool notables like the jazz club Nina Simone played in, or Dalis non working sundial Can't wait to come back to Paris and tour the catacombs with them! Thank you so much

  • David C

    I had a great personal tour with Heidi, the tour guide. She was very informative and had a wealth of knowledge. The area toured was very interesting and full of history. Make sure you wear comfortable shoes as you are in for a hike up hill. She gave me a lot of unknown background information on the artists and history of the area. I recommend this tour for anyone who loves art or history. Ask for Heidi.

  • Catherine C

    Our guide, Tina, is a very educated and knowledgeable tour guide. She was very catering to our situation which was my friend, 89 years old, in a wheelchair. We would have loved to spend the entire day with her.

  • andrearobmac

    Josephine was our guide. She was excellent. 5 stars!! So much knowledge which was accompanied by wonderful stories about each different era. She answered all our questions, had an iPad with maps/portraits that showed us what used to be versus what things look like now.

  • Vacbnd88

    Christina aka Tina, our guide, was AMAZING!!! She was so knowledgeable and entertaining. We were with another couple and the group size was perfect.

  • jone77778

    We were fortunate enough to go on a 5-1/2 hour private walking tour with Belen through the Latin quarter, strolling the Seine River - she connected the dots and shared the history of how It all came together over the centuries - the visit to the Lourve museum was so awesome others stood by to listen to her share the history & evolution of art and the creation of the statues, she made us aware of detail you would never get unless you took this tour. I highly recommend Babylon Tours, trust me you won't be disappointed. Be sure to wear comfortable walking shoes, she covers a lot of territory- Berlin was a walking history book!

  • kierdc

    Harriet was wonderful! We learned so much about an area we had not really visited in the past. Worthwhile and fun!

  • Ricardo P

    No better way to visit Paris' heart than wandering around the narrow winding streets of the Latin Quarter. Its a 2hs tour that will make you see this city in another way, in one of the corners of this amazing city that is worthwhile to visit with somebody that can share the stories of the ppl living there and how their lives afected the history of the city we admire today. A few days later I adventured on another tour with my same -amazing guide- A.J. Who took me on a very unusual path, through a small hill community of street artists. I like creative street art but don't have a clue where to start looking. He took us to a relatively hidden area of Paris where he showed us how this creative and misterious people work and display their image in one of the largest cities in the world. "We even saw one guy putting up one of his art pieces" Two of the most unique and best Paris tours I've ever been on! Thank you !!!

  • southernbabe22

    One of the best down to earth tours I've ever been on. The guide was fantastic!!

  • Johanna F

    Belene was outstanding. We had a marvelous time. Give her a raise!!