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Lower Manhattan and Ground Zero Guided Walking Tour - Private

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Duration: 2-2.5hs Private Tour

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New York City, a teenager compared to London or Paris, is still one of the most inspiring cities in the world. On this 2 to 2.5 hour private guided walking tour of Lower Manhattan, you’ll discover its Dutch and colonial origins through architecture and public spaces that even most New Yorkers don’t know exist. Join up a trip back in time that will reveal how The Big Apple has evolved through good times and bad.


During this tour, your enthusiastic guide will reveal historical sites including Bowling Green and Castle Clinton in Battery Park. They will introduce you to statesmen including George Washington and Alexander Hamilton at both Federal Hall and Trinity Church before fast-forwarding to the last century, when the Charging Bull became the symbol for Wall Street and the NYSSE. Discuss the clash of classic and modern architecture that creates New York’s distinct skyline before moving to modern times. You’ll learn the tragic tales lived by New Yorkers on 9/11 while visiting the official memorial as well as the firefighters’ memorial. The city has moved forward though, and the soaring Freedom Tower is the best example. Recently the Occupy Wall Street movement took over Zuccotti Park, demonstrating how the district is still a vital part of the city. After wandering the oldest part of New York City, you’ll understand why it rivals most any other metropolis worldwide.

Highlights Generally Include (but are not limited to):

Battery Park

The bull

Wall Street

9/11 Memorial

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