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Louvre Museum Semi-Private Guided Tour: Explore Artistry with Reserved Entry

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Duration: 2.5hs Semi-Private Tour
Tour Description

Discover more about this Semi-Private Louvre Museum Tour

Less time in line means more time at the Louvre! Our 2.5 hour tour includes a reserved entry ticket, while our small groups—no more than 6 people per tour—ensure that you have plenty of time to engage with our certified guides. Join us on a journey to the Mona Lisa, the Venus de Milo and much more!


With Babylon Tours, you don’t just get a tour: you get the tools to find your own path through the Louvre’s 35,000 pieces. During our semi-private walking tour of the museum, you’ll be able to discuss the artwork, as well as the building’s history and architecture, with our passionate guides. If you’d like to avoid the crowds, just book one of our Wednesday or Friday evening visits.

Join us as we take in the wonder that is the Mona Lisa; learn more about stunning statues like the Venus de Milo and the Winged Victory of Samothrace; analyze paintings by Delacroix and sculptures by Michelangelo; and dig deep into the medieval moat, which lies at the heart of the museum itself. Enjoy the highlights of the Louvre, along with a few surprises!

Highlights Generally Include: (if artwork is not on loan or being restored etc.)

Mona Lisa, the most famous painting in the world

Winged Victory of Samothrace, a sculpture of the goddess of victory

Louis XIV’s Apollo Gallery, beautiful ceilings and diamond-encrusted crowns


Museum Entry Tickets Notes: Each guest will be provided with a timed ticket with their full name purchased by us directly from the official Louvre website on your behalf (Louvre Tickets: Adult Tickets 22€, All guests ages 0 to 17 enter for free and must bring their Valid photo ID to prove their age at security check). The ticket is personal and for exclusive use of each guest on the tour. Tickets NOT SOLD SEPARATELY and are only provided when guests book our guided tour.

Semi-Private Tour

“Semi-Private” means group size is never more than 8 guests maximum.

Upgrade! Book as Private Tour

“Private Tour” means tour guide exclusively for you.

Latest Reviews
Latest Reviews
  • andreavtello andreavtello

    Belen is amazing! Her knowledge of the museum, art and history is extraordinary. She delivers a fantastic tour, if you are able to request her please do! I hope to book a tour with her on our next trip to Paris! Thank you Belen!

  • Eva R Eva R

    Excelente guide enthusiastic and knew very well how to explain Highly recommendable Would certainly repeat

  • Rebecca B Rebecca B

    This is my third time to the Louvre and this tour made it definitely the best visit. Even in November when crowds aren't as big, the walk in access was great. Then we had a lovely guide, Felix, who was so knowledgeable about the art as well as the history of the time. He provided information that I had never learned before. All in an engaging manner that my 8 year old and 15 year old were paying attention the whole time. Plus, Felix moved us through the museum so easily that we never double backed as we looked at the art. So glad I signed up for the tour.

  • Tracey D Tracey D

    our guide Athina was amazing, very helpful and friendly and really knew her art work. She got us to all the important art pieces and gave us the full background. Crowds are ridiculous in the Louvre but Athina managed to navigate around them. Would highly recommend this tour and Athina.

  • Maureen J Maureen J

    My husband and I booked this tour skip the line, semi-private, Louvre and very glad that we did. The Louvre can be overwhelming, but our guide, Felix made our experience a truly wonderful and memorable one. We were able to view and spend the needed time to discuss some of the many incredible pieces the museum holds. Felix was very organized, extremely knowledgeable in his presentation and delivery. He also made this art history lesson great fun! We would definitely sign up with any tour that he would guide.

  • Bayne B Bayne B

    This tour was excellent. Having a guide in such a massive collection is definately worth it. Our guide Liliya was very informed and helpful.

  • Colleen N Colleen N

    The tour was excellent. Our guide had a background in art history so was able to share information in more depth then a general tour that gives the basics on the art who, what, when.

  • stephaniesdeleon stephaniesdeleon

    My sister and I had the pleasure of having Josephine give us a tour of the Louvre. We were fortunate enough to have been the only 2 people that booked our time slot and got an even more private tour of the Louvre. She gave us such a thorough and captivating overview of the museum with highlights of the important features and art. She was very personable and professional and also considered time and places for use to take rest stops and get refreshments. The tour was well-paced and we ended the tour with a great grasp of the history and art that could be covered in two and a half hours. We also had time to spare to further explore the museum. We really enjoyed how she incorporated recent research on certain pieces that gave us a better picture of what certain pieces originally looked like. Josephine was extremely knowledgeable and kept us comfortable throughout the tour. It truly felt like I was getting a tour from a friend, she really went out of her way to point out details of the artwork without rushing us through. The tour gave us a great sense of changes throughout time and different civilizations.

  • Kathleen U Kathleen U

    Athena was a great tour guide! Very knowledgeable of the layout of the giant Louvre. She took us to all the key spots and shared insight. She was also very warm and funny - she's from Greece but has been in Paris 17 yrs. Company was super organized too. Highly recommend as an intro to Louvre!

  • R E A R E A

    Wonderful tour guide and well worth the visit

  • meilai22 meilai22

    The Louvre is huge so don't expect to see everything with this tour. Our guide was very nice and knowledgeable. She guided us through some of the most iconic collections at the museum. After the tour ends, you can stay inside the museum and continue on your own. Good tour.

  • mitchell J mitchell J

    a few hours with guided tour, as well as skipping the line, always a plus. Our guide Lilliana was amazing, giving us a lot of details and background information about what we were seeing made it more enjoyable.

  • Marc M Marc M

    Best way to to see and understand the sheer volume of product.

  • guillermo.arciniegas guillermo.arciniegas

    Una guía maravillosa, con excelente conocimiento del arte y un gran carisma, nos guió durante 3 horas por lo más digno de ver de este museo: vimos lo más importante, aprendimos, pasamos un rato maravilloso y ahorramos mucho tiempo. MARAVILLOSO

  • Kim R Kim R

    The guide was very knowledgeable and pleasant. She was able to answer all of our questions and took us to see everything that we had hoped to see. The Louvre was a little too crowded but she did a great job of steering us clear of the crowds in most instances.

  • Karen S Karen S

    At the end of our visit, my head was spinning with all the great information Belen gave us during our tour. We learned facts from Belen we never would by just walking through the various artist rooms. Many other visitors were trying to listen in to her discussion. One even interrupted her talk to ask for her card for the next time he was in town! We always arrange a private/semi-private tour of any museum we visit to learn as much as possible and it is worth the additional cost-which is small in the long range scheme. An added plus is skipping the long lines! Do it, don't hesitate. Thank you, Belen!

  • reginaeileen reginaeileen

    Thank you to our spectacular tour guide, Belen! We learned so much, and enjoyed every minute. Belen was super informed, engaging, and kind. Her approach is cerebral but not intimidating- exactly what we were looking for. I will absolutely recommend her to friends visiting Paris and will look forward to touring with her again.

  • Skiladyldp Skiladyldp

    The Louvre Museum is very overwhelming with so many things to see and very large crowds. Our Guide, Lucia, from Babylon Tours really helped us to make the most of our time there so would see the most important things to us. She frequently asked if we had particular things we wanted to see and made lots of good suggestions too. Her knowledge and professionalism clearly helped make our tour memorable.

  • Sarts97 Sarts97

    This was supposed to be a semi-private tour of the Louvre, but the other family never showed up. Our tour guide, Felix, was fantastic. He helped us navigate the enormous museum to find the most important and impressive pieces, and did a great job telling the histories and stories behind the pieces in a way that held all of our attention (include our 10 and 13 year old daughters).

  • Akshay S Akshay S

    Although this was a small group tour (max 5 people), my wife and I were lucky to be the only ones on this tour (early March). Belen met us on time, gave a great overview of the city and the history of the Louvre. We then skipped the line with ease, and Belen really really took care of us. After the tour, I really feel more educated, arty even :) Her perspective on everything was so good, and I would highly recommend this tour

  • Antonio D Antonio D

    The tour guide was excellent. It was more than a tour it was an art history lesson.

  • Christina N Christina N

    We attended two tours, one in Montmarte and one at Louvre. Both tours was with the same guide - Lili - and she was fantastic. Very knowing, fun and could tell a lot of interesting stories about Montmarte and Louvre and the art at Louvre.

  • Henry A Henry A

    We had a wonderful tour by Belen for just the two of us. She was friendly, extremely knowledgeable and put some of the key pieces of art and the museum itself into historical and idealogical context. Feel exposed to the currents of history shaping art, Paris, Europe and human thinking over the last few centuries. Thanks Belen! PS anyone wanting a really excellent and passionate guide of art history (inc modern); ask for Belen Roncoroni!

  • Pam L Pam L

    This was my second time using Babylon for the three hour Louvre tour and it was great again. Our guide,Josephine, was knowledgeable and friendly and kept things moving along at a perfect pace. The Louvre can be an overwhelming place but by taking this tour you will see the highlights, get great information and navigate the crowds easily.

  • traipunkie traipunkie

    My guide was Katrina. Even though the rest of the small group cancelled, Babylon still honored my reservation. I really appreciate the customer service as I had planned a layover just for this tour. Katrina was very interesting and enjoyable and helped provide historical, cultural and artistic insight into the experience. I could have left after the tour and felt like I had seen it. But she had so much energy and such good suggestions that I stayed for several more enjoyable hours. Highly recommend her and the company.

  • Linda S Linda S

    Belen was an art and history expert and wove together both. Excellent tour with highlights and more! Highly recommend

  • Richard L Richard L

    Excellent tour made in advance via internet. No waiting line for hours to get in as most of the tourist there. Good explanation from our hostess. My family had a great time

  • afton_traveler afton_traveler

    We booked the late afternoon Louvre tour and it was a great choice. Many fewer people in line and a good guide made for an enjoyable experience. And we came to appreciate the Louvre itself as a great historical monument.

  • KatLaCha KatLaCha

    Taking this tour gave us an experience at the Louvre that we wouldn't have had on our own. Without our guide we would have been overwhelmed by all the Louvre has to offer. Our guide took us through the evolution of art and history with interesting facts and details about individual pieces on display. She also got us to each of the main attraction masterpieces while taking the time to discuss hidden gems. This tour was definitely a highlight of our week in Paris.

  • stewbro stewbro

    What an experience ! Our guide Belen brought the whole museum to life. Our new found perspective on art and history will stay with us for many years to come.

  • mitchell J mitchell J

    a few hours with guided tour, as well as skipping the line, always a plus. Our guide Lilliana was amazing, giving us a lot of details and background information about what we were seeing made it more enjoyable.

  • NatashaB_ATL NatashaB_ATL

    Amazing! Lucia was wonderful and if you get a chance to request her, do so! We booked the night before and they made it work for us. Lucia's insight on the masterpieces and then some were what made this such a great tour. We also got a chance to see Napoleon's apartment, which was an extra treat. We will use again!

  • rhiannon1471 rhiannon1471

    This was the best museum tour we have ever been on. We had a wonderful guide, Belen, who was knowledgeable and passionate about history. She made the experience so much more meaningful, informative and interesting. The tour was in a small group, just our family, which meant it was personalized and we could ask questions and tailor the visits to our liking. The art work we saw was incredible, and not just the standard pieces, but other significant artworks. I feel so much more informed and want to learn more about art and France.

  • Annette T Annette T

    Our family of 5 including 3 teenagers loved our tour of the Louvre. Dario was our guide. he was fabulous!!! The museum was so crowded with a lot of very large tour groups. Dario took us on short cuts in order to see the vital parts of the museum. His knowledge of museum and history facts made the tour more enjoyable. If you want to spend only a few hours in the Louvre, I highly recommend this tour. And request Dario as your tour guide!!

  • coles coles

    We were treated to the most wonderful tour of the Louvre by Randa. She absolutely knew how to keep us interested and show us not only the usual paintings and sculptures, but also some that we wouldn't have found by ourselves. She knew all the history, and was able to make the whole experience come alive. We would certainly look for the same type of tour elsewhere. Thank you to her!

  • Kim R Kim R

    The guide was very knowledgeable and pleasant. She was able to answer all of our questions and took us to see everything that we had hoped to see. The Louvre was a little too crowded but she did a great job of steering us clear of the crowds in most instances.

  • guillermo.arciniegas guillermo.arciniegas

    Una guía maravillosa, con excelente conocimiento del arte y un gran carisma, nos guió durante 3 horas por lo más digno de ver de este museo: vimos lo más importante, aprendimos, pasamos un rato maravilloso y ahorramos mucho tiempo. MARAVILLOSO

  • Marc M Marc M

    Best way to to see and understand the sheer volume of product.