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Montmartre & Orsay Museum Semi-Private Tour: Exclusive Cultural Exploration

Discover Bohemian Paris and Artistic Marvels with Expert Guides and Reserved Entry

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Duration: 5.5hs Semi-Private Tour
Tour Description

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Discover the Musée d’Orsay and then explore the Montmartre neighborhood where the Impressionists lived, worked and created their most iconic pieces! (Transportation between locations provided.)


With our 5-5.5 hour Musée d’Orsay and Montmartre combo tour, you’ll get a hands-on look into the world of the Impressionists! We keep our tours small—no more than 8 guests per visit—so you can enjoy a personalized journey through this fascinating period in Parisian and art history.

At the Musée d’Orsay, your guide will take you through this repurposed train station—built for the 1900 World Fair—that now showcases the best of Impressionist art. Here, you’ll learn about the artistic upheavals and innovative techniques that gave rise to Impressionism, from Millet’s “The Gleaners” and Manet’s scandalous “Luncheon on the Grass” to Renoir’s joyful “Dance at Le Moulin de la Galette” and Van Gogh’s “Starry Night”.

Afterwards, you’ll take a step back into Paris during the 19th century Belle Époque period, when the cancan was electrifying cabarets and artists were sipping absinthe in all-night cafes. You’ll start at the Moulin Rouge, and discuss why and how this neighborhood became the home of Impressionism, and end at the gleaming-white Sacré Coeur, with its exceptional view of the city.

Highlights Generally Include: (if artwork is not on loan or being restored etc.)

Manet’s “Luncheon on the Grass”

Renoir’s “Dance at Le Moulin de la Galette”

The largest collection of Monet paintings, including the Water Lilies series

Moulin Rouge, where you can still catch shows

Sacré Coeur Basilica, with time to explore the interior

Semi-Private Tour

“Semi-Private” means group size is never more than 8 guests maximum.

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“Private Tour” means tour guide exclusively for you.

Latest Reviews
Latest Reviews
  • Andree Andree

    There were just the two of us with the guide, it was wonderful, leisurely pace. Belen did a great job !

  • Bill D Bill D

    Lily was a great tour guide, filled with facts, history, and art history. We enjoyed the tour immensely and would highly recommend Lily.

  • 665kirka 665kirka

    This was an amazing tour! Our guide, Christina "Tina" as perfect: knowledgeable about the area/history, interesting and great with our 12 and 15yr olds. We loved seeing where famous artists like Picasso lived and their hang outs, going through Sacre Coeur and learning about the history of the area. Musee d'Orsay was a wonderful end to the day. Tina gave us our favorite day in Paris!

  • Nick W Nick W

    My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed the tour. Very informative and weren't rushed. Only the two of us, plus the guide, so very special.

  • RG496 RG496

    Nice walking tour of Montmartre, highlighting the history of the area, the life of impressionist artist Van Gogh who resided in this area (where we saw his apartment), and Picasso's local hangout. After lunch, headed over to Museum D'Orsay, a former rail station back in its day where a large collection of impressionist paintings are housed and explained by tour guide. Overall a great day.

  • mruddy48 mruddy48

    Lillieya served as excellent, knowledgable and entertaining tour guide through the maze of impressionism offered by the d'-Orsay. For each of more than a score of pieces, Lillieya provided the historic, artistic and political backgound and was able to highlight and compare the techniques involved in a meaningful and enjoyable manner. Lillieya is clearly very bright; and her enthusiasm is contagious. Overall, a wonderful experience!

  • Jacksonmkay Jacksonmkay

    I visited Paris, France for the first time with my mother and Onno was our tour guide. He took us to see everything I wanted to see and sooo much more. He knew everything about every area we walked through and I learned so much more than I was expecting. He was amazing and personable and I highly recommend him!

  • david_redmond15 david_redmond15

    Could not have been better. Lilly is a fun, passionate and energetic person to be with. The tour was extremely interesting and very well presented from start to finish. It is easy to tell that Lilly is passionate about the Impressionists and it is obvious in every every minute of the tour. We had a lovely lunch together in a very unique bistro in Montmartre of Lilly's choosing. My wife and I had the best time and needless to say the food was great. Lilly's cultural background coupled with her intelligence ( Masters, working toward a PHD) is just another reason to hire Lilly (but not in the least pretentious). Finally, Lilly took the time to ask what our plans were for the rest of our stay and gave some great recommendations. I say A+ five stars.

  • Joan E Joan E

    We did the Montemartre and Orsay Impressionist tour and the Paris Walk and Louvre tour with tour guide Belen. We had a wonderful time and learned so much. Belen is passionate about art and she is a great teacher. She engaged our 15 year old granddaughter who also really enjoyed the tours. One person in our group was unexpectedly in a wheel chair. That was no obstacle for Belen! She made sure he got to see everything pushed him all the way up Montemartre.

  • sarahbeth0901 sarahbeth0901

    The tour guide spoke great english and knew alot about both the history of france as well as the art work. He was also very helpful with taking pictures. Couldn't have asked for a better tour.

  • Crystal M Crystal M

    What a wonderful experience!! Alex was so personable and knowledgeable. I was traveling with my 19 year old daughter and Alex made it fun and interesting for both of us. We met at Moulin Rouge and walked up to Sacre Couer, with many intriguing facts and stories along the way. One we left the Cathedral we headed for the Orsay. We stopped at a terrific lunch spot before beginning our museum tour. I hesitate to call it a tour because it was so much more than a simple tour. We walked away with an appreciation of Impressionism that we would have never experienced otherwise. Alex's love of art and architecture and his ability to convey that enthusiasm made our trip perfect. His stories and humor made the day even more special. Thanks, Alex!!!

  • Judith B Judith B

    My husband and I booked these 2 tours (semi-private, maximum 5 people) after reading Trip Advisor Reviews. I had lived in Paris many years ago however this was my husband's first time in Paris. I wanted to chose things to do that would give him the flavor of the city, perhaps a bit of an "off the beaten path experience", yet also expose him to the traditional aspects of Paris. On both days(March 31, 2015 and April 1, 2015) we were paired with the same pleasant family of three from Canada (Mom, Dad and 17 year old son). For our Montmartre/Orsay Tour our guide was Harriet and for the Paris Treasures/Louvre Tour our guide was Filipa. Both guides, although very different in personality and approach were superb, knowledgeable and charming!! They excelled in their historical knowledge which made our afternoon time in the museums even more meaningful. We all got along very well, had lunch together each day, and were exposed to Paris in a way that would not have been possible on our own or with a larger group. I consider the cost of the tours well worth the money and in relation to the general cost of things in Paris, I would describe them as a bargain. These two days provided us with an experience that will last a lifetime. Wear your most comfortable walking shoes and you will be delighted to bypass the long lines at the Musee d'Orsay and Le Louvre. Cudos to Babylon Tours! Very highly recommended!

  • vettyblue vettyblue

    My husband, 17 years old son and I did 2 walking tours. We were fortunate to be accompanied both days with the delightful Judy and Larry from New Jersey. Our first tour was a walking tour through Montremarte (including Sacre Coure Cathedrals) and then the Musee D'Orsay. Our guide Harriet brought the impressionist artists and their time in Montremarte to life when touring where the artists lived, "loved" and socialized. We stopped for a tasty lunch at a restaurant Harriet recommended. Having this background on then artists made her excellent guided tour through the Musee D'Orsay even more meaningful. The next day we did the historic Paris and Louvre tour. Our guide was the energetic and informative Phillipa who made French history not only fascinating but easy to understand. Again we stopped at an excellent sandwich shop Phillippa recommended. Phillipa's guided tour through the Louvre was just as informative and fascinating as the city tour. Be prepared for lots of walking on both tours. You will also be grateful to bypass the long lines at both museums. Very highly recommended.

  • Thursdaysgirl Thursdaysgirl

    We had booked this small group tour for our very short day and a half trip to Paris. Arriving in Paris on day one after noon we didn't have time to book in for the walking tour that day so booked it for our day two before heading back to London. The combined walking tour and museum tour was advised as being 5hrs in length so we realised that we would probably have to "burn" our Seine River Cruise. However on calling Babylon tours before our departure they were so obliging that they emailed tickets for the cruise to us so that we could take the cruise on the day before our tour. Many thanks for that to Dario and Tom - you were both super helpful and your English was perfect. Alex met us for our walking tour of Montmartre. We were extremely lucky in that we were the only couple booked so we had a personal guide. Alex was an absolutely excellent tour guide - very friendly, and very knowledgeable. We loved our walking tour, so many interesting facts. Alex then suggested a wonderful lunch venue to rest our weary legs and then onto the museum. We had visited the museum before but Alex actually brought it all to life for us. I cannot thank Alex enough. In fact I can't fault Babylon Tours at all and I would not hesitate recommending them to anyone. We will certainly use them again on our next trip to Paris.

  • Scott R Scott R

    We went on two tours with Belen: the Paris walking + Louvre tour and the Montemartre + Orsay tour. For both of these tours, we ended up being the only people going so they became private! Having Belen take us around twice was a great experience because there was a really nice continuity between the two tours. We also had a great lunch with her on the second tour in Montemartre. The tours made art interesting for us, which is the highest praise we can give. The mix of history and technical factoids were really interesting and brought the paintings and the artists "to life" (bad cliche.. yeah). I really enjoyed learning about the impressionist movement, the major artists and their lives in Paris. Being able to connect the artists to their favorite places around Montmartre was really cool too. The Louvre tour was really great as well. I had been to the Louvre before the tour, and I must say I enjoyed it much more with Belen narrating the pieces. The highlights were the story of the Mona Lisa and the Venus de Milo, and also hearing the technical improvements in sculpting displayed on the Winged Victory of Samothrace. She was very knowledgeable and eager to keep us engaged. I have just been reminded to say that Belen was also very accommodating of our (and mostly my) needs, whether it was wanting to take a break, to get a coffee, to eat... etc. The Louvre was particularly busy when we went, so because we were delayed she even showed us around past the end of the tour. We really can't recommend these tours enough! We also met a few of the other Babylon tour guides and they were very nice as well. Both tours were great, but if I were to choose a favorite, it would be the Montmarte + Orsay tour.

  • mom_the_bomb1 mom_the_bomb1

    We took the Montmartre and Orsay Museum tour last week. It was wonderful. Our guide was knowledgeable, energetic and had a great sense of humor. She was flexible and allowed us to proceed at our own pace. We learned about the history of the impressionists in the area in which they lived and painted. We visited Sacre Couer, had lunch and then went on a tour of the museum. Very professional. I have been on tours all over the world and would recommend this one without reservation….

  • N Pendleton R N Pendleton R

    Our tour guide, Lilia, was enthusiastic, knowledgeable and engaging. Her pacing was perfect, and she effortlessly adapted her presentation to respond to our particular interests and questions. One of the best tours we've ever done.

  • mayrads05 mayrads05

    This tour was totally amazing! And I must say that besides the actual tour that took us to this wonderful part of Paris, our tour guide, Christofer, was an incredible asset that made the experience soo very much spectacular. He was sweet and extremely well prepared to answer every question we had.