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Duration: 2.5hs Private Tour

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From Nazis and walls to reunification and rebuilding, Berlin has seen quite a bit of action over the past century. But don’t worry, there’s still a whole lot of history in its streets and squares to that your guide will introduce you to on this 2.5 hour private guided walking tour. It’s the best possible introduction to one of Europe’s most fascinating cities.


It’s not all about World War II on this tour, even if it seems like that’s all Berlin has to offer. Your informed guide will take you to the 18th century Brandenburg Gate, a symbol of unification during the former Prussian Empire. It’s Berlin’s best-known landmark. World War II and its atrocities will quickly become topics of discussion as you explore the site of Hitler’s Bunker and the somber memorial dedicated to the Holocaust. Berlin survived Allied bombings only to be further divided by the Berlin Wall afterward. See pieces of the graffiti-covered wall as you stroll towards Checkpoint Charlie, one of the official entryways between both sides during the Cold War. Learn about the American and Soviet stand-offs as you walk through the city, heading towards the architectural marvels at Gendarmenmarkt. Forget about Nazis for a moment while taking in the old church towers surrounding the square. Towards Babelplatz, another public square, you might hear about a Nazi book burning that took place here, because it’s important not to forget, and, well, it’s just so darn interesting, Don’t forget to look up and ask about the TV Tower that rises over the skyline, reminding us all that Berlin is a modern European capital despite its difficult past.

“Private Tour” means tour guide exclusively for you.

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