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Tailored Elegance: Private Neues & Pergamon Museum Tour in Berlin

Indulge in VIP Treatment: Your Personalized Exploration of Berlin's Cultural Marvels

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Duration: 5.5 to 6 hs Private Tour

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Join us on the ultimate Berlin Tour! Combine world culture and local history in this 6h Private Combo Tour of Neues & Pergamon Museums followed by our essential Berlin History Walk. Our passionate guide will lead you through all main highlights in the most culturally renowned museums in the country and pairing that with the city’s eclectic history including Hitler’s bunker and Jewish Memorial.

Start by visiting the Neues Museum where you will explore the impressive collection of the world’s most enchanting ancient civilization – Egypt. Your guide will lead you through Egypt’s millennia-old evolution, explaining how the civilization transformed over time, whilst you observe the countless sculptures, impressive artifacts and death rituals. You’ll be personally introduced to Queen Nefertiti, Egypt’s most famous leading lady and the museum’s prized possession. Pergamon Museum has the most famous restored facades, mosaics, sculptures and tiled floors in the country. Inside the Greek and Roman section you’ll find monumental Market Gate of Miletus dating back to the Romans. 

Without having to step a foot off Museum Island you just covered thousands of years of history in under 2.5 hours.

After a well deserved lunch break, you’ll dive into an exciting city walk. Departing from Museum Island, your guide will lead you in a journey all the way to The Brandenburg Gate. 

Berlin has a unique history and architecture. From its thriving days as the capital of the Prussian Empire to its division following the devastation of the Second World War, this city has seen it all and has since then managed to rebuild itself. Beyond just viewing the city’s most iconic architecture, you’ll be thrown into the world of the Kaisers, come face-to-face with Hitler’s rise to power and stand in the exact location that marked a divided Berlin. Your guides will share as well their insider tips and favourite places, so that by the end of this tour you will be all set to handle Berlin like a local.

No other tour will cover this much terrain and history and our professional guides will ensure this is the best experience you and your family have during your trip! 

Highlights Generally Include: 

The Bust of Nefertiti

The Berlin Green Man

The Berlin Gold Hat 

The Skull of the Neanderthal 

Market Gate of Miletus 

Pergamon Altar 

Ishtar Gate 

Museum Island 

Berlin Cathedral

The TV Tower

Royal Palace

Berlin Wall

Former SS Headquarters 

Book burning memorial

Jewish Memorial

Checkpoint Charlie

Hitler’s Bunker

Brandemburg Gate 

Walk under Berlin’s only surviving historical city gate 

Private Tour

“Private Tour” means tour guide exclusively for you.

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