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Traversing Time: Semi-Private History of Amsterdam City Center Walking Tour

Immerse in the Past: Unveiling Amsterdam's Rich Heritage on a Guided Walking Tour

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Duration: 2.5hs Semi-Private Tour
Tour Description

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Start your visit to Amsterdam by diving into its rich history and learn how a small 12th century fishing village with a dam became one of the most cosmopolitan of capital cities in the world. This 2.5 hour semi-private walking tour will join up to 8 travelers together to discover the streets and sights of Amsterdam. It’s perfect for a first-time visitor to get oriented and introduced properly.


Our guides will crisscross its iconic canals and bridges while ducking into its quiet courtyards, offering postcard images for you and an intimate group of travelers. Discover its leaning houses and other landmarks while learning how to navigate the snaking streets of the city center and the banks of the Amstel River. Our local guides will eagerly share their insider knowledge so that you can maximize your time in Amsterdam.

Highlights Generally Include:

The Dam Square

Wester & Old Church & Hidden Churches

Leaning Houses

The Thinnest house

The Oldest Canals

The Sea Dike and China Town

The New Market Square (Nieuwmarkt)

The Medieval City Gate



Semi-Private Tour

“Semi-Private” means group size is never more than 8 guests maximum.

Upgrade! Book as Private Tour

“Private Tour” means tour guide exclusively for you.

Latest Reviews
Latest Reviews
  • Wendy H Wendy H

    The guides were very experienced and helpful. They went out of their way ensuring that we had a good time. Amsterdam's wind chill was quite cold during our time there, yet the experience was worth it. The tour was very punctual, which was very professional as well.

  • Sue Hinton Sue Hinton

    Audrey our guide was incredible. Wish we could spend everyday with her. Knows everything about the city.

  • Katie Buck Katie Buck

    We had Antoine as our guide and he was amazing. Very knowledgeable and passionate about Amsterdam and it’s history, he could answer every question we had. The tour group was small which allowed us to tailor it to our curiosities and ask questions which was great. We have a wonderful tour followed by a drink at the end. 10/10 would recommend to anyone wanting to know more about that side of Amsterdam!

  • Naomi Drake Naomi Drake

    What a great experience! Our guide, Audrey very knowledgeable and a lot of fun. I’m traveling with my 17 year old nephew and he’s hard to impress and he loved It! The 2.5 hours were very relaxing and went by very quickly. We had a great time. I highly recommend this tour for people in Amsterdam for the first time!

  • Eddie Thompson Eddie Thompson

    We were lucky enough to have just the 3 in our family for this 3 hour walking tour of historic Amsterdam. Guide was American by birth, but had lived in Amsterdam for 13 years after being a student there. She gathered our input as to interests at the start and tailored the walk accordingly. Hit all the major historic sites with a little art thrown in. Quietly avoided the Red Light District and talk of “coffee shops” as we requested since we had a 13 year old with us.

  • Lionel Young Lionel Young

    A highlight of our time in Amsterdam. Our guide Sabry was knowledgeable, personable and entertaining. He took us to places the tourists miss. It was three hours we will remember forever.

  • Cathleen Hicks Cathleen Hicks

    What an interesting and amazing experience. Our tour guide was so informative! We ended up being the only couple for a group tour. We learned about the history of Amsterdam to include government, churches, the red lighting district, coffee shoppes and the gienvive liquor. So worth doing. Gave us a greater appreciation of this amazing and diverse city.

  • Sofia Wolf Sofia Wolf

    Our tour was amazing.Angelo ws our guide and was so informative. We got lucky and were the only couple on the small group tour so he was willing do do what we wanted and still gave us a great overview of the history. I would recommend this tour.

  • Blake Singelton Blake Singelton

    Our tour was led by Selina, a gem of a young lady and a font of information about this fascinating city. As suggested by other reviewers, do this tour when you first arrive. Afterwards, you will have a clear understanding of the layout of the city. Selina personalizes the tour, answers all your questions with the utmost patience, and will take you to places you would not likely find on your own. Babylon Tours was great to work with, with immediate communication. Excellent experience. Book it now!

  • Tricia Noble Tricia Noble

    Our semi-private tour ended up being a private tour and our guide, Gionnova (I think that was it), was great. She was prompt, informative and we truly enjoyed her company. We hit all the highlights of the center city area, including the red light district and some historical sites. It lasted about 2.5 hours and we stopped towards the end to have a cappuccino in one of the local restaurants. I would highly recommend this tour for really anyone who likes to walk at a slow to moderate pace and get a feel for the area.

  • Myra Freeman Myra Freeman

    My husband and I had a wonderful tour of the highlights of Amsterdam with our guide, Paula. She was very knowledgeable and easily adjusted the tour to fit our interests. We were very happy with the experience overall and would recommend this tour for any visitors!

  • Marty Conrad Marty Conrad

    We enjoy interesting and unusual walking tours of cities, and we had an excellent Amsterdam city center walking tour with Melissa, who was articulate, knowledgeable, engaging, and friendly. She was enthusiastic about her adopted city (she is American), and as we happened to be the only couple on the tour that day, she tailored it on the fly to things we were especially interested in. Strongly recommended, if you like history and walking through a fascinating city.

  • Edwin Short Edwin Short

    While the small group tour is expensive, Angelo made it well more than worthwhile. His base of knowledge in the art field was outstanding! He overextended himself by providing a great amount of background information, supported by extensive pictures on his iPad, about various artists and their individual works. He easily handled questions from several guests who had a great deal of knowledge about various art ages. artists and there relation with each other. We highly recomend this tour. Be prepared to be overwhelmed.

  • Billie Scott Billie Scott

    I would recommend this tour to anyone that will listen. Our guide was knowledgeable, passionate about her job, and very informative. We really enjoyed our visit and learned so much more than we ever have could on our own.

  • Camille Evans Camille Evans

    The guides were very experienced and helpful. They went out of their way ensuring that we had a good time. Amsterdam's wind chill was quite cold during our time there, yet the experience was worth it. The tour was very punctual, which was very professional as well.