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Tailored Excellence: Explore the American Museum of Natural History Privately with VIP Treatment

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Duration: 2-2.5hs Private Tour

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Interested in traveling through time and space? The American Museum of Natural History is the closest you’ll get without leaving Manhattan! This massive museum houses some of the world’s most curious artifacts. On this 2.5 hour private guided museum tour, your guide will lead you through its seemingly endless halls, highlighting the must-see displays.


The museum’s 33 million objects are spread through 28 different buildings – making a guide indispensable if you want to experience even a fraction of it. You’ll start by learning the museum’s history in the majestic Roosevelt Rotunda where you’ll come face to face with the first of many prehistoric characters on your visit. Moving on, your guide will explain how the dioramas are created as you explore the giant African mammals of the Akeley Hall.

The creatures get even bigger as you move towards the dinosaur exhibits featuring some of the most complete collections of dinosaur skeletons anywhere in the world. From the gargantuan Titanosaur to the crowd-favorite T-Rex, even the most serious adult feels like a kid staring up at these beasts. You’ll then move on to hear about the North American Forests, featuring the giant Sequoia, before gaping up at the Blue Whale hanging overhead in the Hall of Ocean Life. Visit some American mammals as you learn about the National Parks of the United States. End your visit with a trip to space, exploring the Cosmic Pathway that details the no fewer than 13 billion years of our universe’s existence. Talk about perspective, right?

Highlights Generally Include (but not limited to):


African Elephants

North American Birds


Human Origins

Blue Whale

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Latest Reviews
Latest Reviews
  • Nancy M Nancy M

    The museum is HUGE and with my family we wanted to see the most on this tour without wasting time. Jared, our guide, had wonderful historical facts about the museum and the displays. It was great not to have to stare at a map half the time and just follow his lead. We told him what we wanted to see and we were able to see it all and more!

  • Thomas S Thomas S

    Without the guide we would have been lost and not known what to do first. Definitely worth the money for first timers. Jessie our guide was great.

  • lily7195 lily7195

    Took a private guided tour of the American Museum of Natural history with Jared and had a wonderful time. Jared was super friendly and extremely knowledgable and we would not have enjoyed the experience as much without him! Five stars for Babylon Tours!

  • Cynthia Z Cynthia Z

    I arranged for a private, 2-hour tour of the museum for my friend and I. While waiting for the museum to open, I received a text message from our tour guide, Jonathan. Turns out he was standing right beside us!! Before we got in the doors he started telling us about the museum. By the time it was said and done, our 2-hour tour was a 3-hour tour!!! It was fantastic. He knew so many back stories about the museum and exhibits. Though we were there for 3-hours, we could only hit the highlights and they were fantastic!!! One could spend a week there and not see everything. The exhibits were wonderful and so very well done!!! Jonathan was FANTASTIC!!!! This was a great way to spend a cold morning. A nice bonus, because it was so cold, the museum's food service folks provided free hot chocolate for those waiting outside, or just passing by. It was a nice touch and much appreciated.