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Paris City Tour Notre-Dame Cathedral Guided Tour

Discover your romantic side in Paris with Babylon City Tours. Whether you are traveling alone or with loved ones, Babylon City Tours will guide you in the best direction to see the most amazing side of the city. Skip the lines at Musee D’Orsay when you take Babylon City Tours. Check out Monet, Renoir, Van Gogh, Manet, and more. This museum is an architectural marvel as well as the holder of a collection from many different famous painters from all over the world. The tour guides will guide you straight through the crowds when you take the museum tour. You’ll walk through the century-old train station and explore the artistic masterpieces that led to the impressionists’ amazingly exciting and colorful work throughout their lifetimes. While on the tour, you will understand the famous artists more and more. The famous works of the many amazing painters will really brighten your eyes towards the world.

After the tour is over, you’ll find it very nice to explore a little on your own. If you need guidance, the tour guides can help to better direct you toward what you are searching for. When staying in the city of Paris, a really simple thing to do it stay at an Airbnb; they are cheaper and usually closer to the main town. Taking the metro is the safest and most effective way to travel through Paris. Riding a bike is also a very nice way to see the city. You’ll soon notice once you’re in Paris, that the locals tend to eat a bit later than the average 6 o’ clock dining time; 8 pm is an average dinner time. Some restaurants won’t even be open until that time. Make sure to check out the local cafes; the food around the city is purely delectable. Enjoy your time in this great city.