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Washington DC is rich with heritage sites, landmarks, and museums, covering a wide range of subjects from arts to space expeditions. Below is a list of Washington DC’s must visit places you must see.

Smithsonian Institution Building

You could collect a map of all Smithsonian museums from here. The 19 museums are among of the most popular tourist attractions in Washington DC, which covers subjects from arts to space expeditions. There are a lot of exhibits here, and if you were not definite on which of the exhibits you want to see, it would take days to cover all of them.

National Monuments and Memorials

The national monuments are truly stunning and are worth spending time for. There are a number of national monuments located throughout Washington DC; the most visited ones are the World War II Memorial, Vietnam Memorial, Jefferson Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, and Washington Monument. It would be hard to cover all the monuments by foot, and therefore, it is better to take a guided tour to make the trip both informative and without any fuss.

Three Houses of Government

The three Houses of Government – the Supreme Court, the Capitol, and the White House – are the key places for sightseeing while visiting Washington DC. All these buildings are impressive and hold lot of information about the US government and its history.


Georgetown is a historic waterfront in Washington DC filled with vendors, and has been a shopper’s paradise for years. Stroll around the Washington harbor for a view of the famous Potomac River, or browse through the delicious cuisines at the restaurants on the bank.

Kennedy Centre

If you were an ardent fan of theatrical productions and performing artists, a visit to the John F. Kennedy Centre should definitely be on your bucket list. You can purchase tickets in advance for any performance, be it concerts or musicals by the National Symphony, or check out the free show at 06:00 pm at the Millennium Stage.

Hiking at Great Hill Park

The Great Falls offer a variety of activities including kayaking, hiking, horseback riding, bicycling, and rock climbing. The park could be accessed from both the Virginia and Maryland sides of the river. The park also offers a breath taking view of the Potomac River.

Mount Vernon

Mount Vernon is a 500-acre estate belonging to George Washington and his family. Tour is offered for the 14-room mansion that has been furnished and restored with original objects which dates back to 1740’s.