Hello Paris

Paris adventures are just around the corner! Book your trip today and make a once in a lifetime decision to make your life better. Paris is one of the most beautiful and romantic cities in the world; people from all over come to see its beauty and elegance. If you really enjoy nature and water, then check out ‘Paris Plages’; it was created more than ten years ago, and has charmed reluctant Parisians and visitors alike with its 50 palm trees, 350 deckchairs, and 1,357 tons of Normandy sand. It’s really quite exquisite. There are free activities for all, which include readings, meditation classes, dawn yoga, fencing, pentanque, and even free book loans. It is one of Paris’ outdoor musts in the summertime. Don’t forget to check out the ‘Josephine Baker swimming pool & solarium’; it is the latest swimming pool that was built in 2006, and it floats. It’s anchored to the Seine River in the 13th arrondissement, at the feet of both the Simone de Beauvoir Bridge and the French national Library. It has a café, gym, Jacuzzi, saunas, hammam, a children’s water pad, and a solarium for sophisticated suntans. This is the ultimate swimming pool and place to be on a nice summer day.

When you need a bit of peace and quiet, ‘Albert Khan’s Musee et Jardins’ will leave you feeling calm. Albert Khan, who was born in 1860, was an enlightened businessman, who, while building a banking empire decided to try to build what he called “universal peace.’ He would fund bursaries to encourage journalists and teachers to travel the world to discover other ways of thinking and set up “Archives of the planet,” sending film operators and photographers to record other cultures. He would also fill his famous Japanese gardens with exotic plants from his travels. Walking through the Blue and Golden forests is an enchanting experience that you should see it for yourself. The beauty awaits your arrival. Enjoy the fresh air and wonderful nature in the magical Paris light.