Fit in Like a Local

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When traveling to a new country, it can super exciting, causing you to take a ton of pictures; it’s definitely okay to do this. Capturing memories is amazing! Just remember to stay safe, and keep your camera in a regular bag rather than a bag that is clearly shown as an expensive one that carries a camera. People will notice you are a tourist if you are always taking pictures, and that means that they may try to bamboozle you into buying something you don’t need, or try to steal from you. Just be aware of your surroundings, and stay safe at night in a new place. If you have a guide book, you can cover it with a different cover so others don’t recognize you as a tourist, and it will help you fit in much more. If you are ever lost or confused, the best thing you can do is find a police officer or security guard. If you can’t find one of them, then look for adults with children because people surrounded by their family are less interested in taking advantage of you. Remember to always be polite when approaching locals.

Foreign countries can be confusing at times, especially when it comes to their currency. Make sure to learn about how the currency works for the country you are visiting so you don’t get taken advantage of by the locals. If you don’t know how much the bills are worth, then others will notice that, and possibly take more than necessary from you when you buy something from them. Using a calculator is a definite give away for being a non-local. You can also learn a few important phrases in their language. Guide books have that information in it. Make sure to learn the countries etiquette rules, because they may be quite different than your own country, and you don’t want to upset the wrong person. Just remember to always show confidence. Attitude is everything! It will really get you far in life and your adventures.