Come to Paris Today

Come check out the lovely Paris. This beautiful city awaits your visit to join in on some extra fun activities. Besides for being a really gorgeous place to see, there are many great things to do there. Try canal cruising; you’ll take a cruise on Canal Saint-Martin which will take you back to the time of the seminal 1938 Marcel Carne’s film Hotel du Nord, which still stands proudly right by the canal. After that you will go along the cruise to the Bastille marina towards the Marne river that will take you to those bucolic open air dance halls, the famous “guinguettes’ painted by Auguste and filmed by his son Jean Renoir. It’s really quite exquisite. Maybe you enjoy getting some exercise while seeing some pretty views; you can try the ‘Belle-Epoque cycle.’ It is a cycling tour that goes through Paris. You will get to see Hidden Paris, Railway Paris, Medieval Paris, Ancien Regime Paris, and Belle Epoque Paris. The ride is pretty easy, and will show you a bit of Paris history for those that love all the fun hidden details waiting to be found.

Sometimes you’d just like to sit down, relax, and enjoy your surroundings in peace. Well in Buttes Chaumont you will find just that. It was built in 1867, under Napoleon III, who wanted the Parisian working classes to get some fresh air, so in the north-east of Paris, the Buttes Chaumont is one of the city’s big green spaces. There you will find purpose-built rocks, islands, lakes, a suspended bridge, and a hill where you will see breathtakingly beautiful views. There are even free qigong lessons every day from 9am-10am, as well as a special climbing area just for children near the Pirates café. There is something for everyone is this beautiful city. It is just waiting to be explored.