Best Reasons to Travel with Your Mom

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Travel with your Mom; you will love it! There are so many positive reasons to travel with your Mother. She knows you the best so she won’t get upset if you’re moody sometimes, and already knows what your hungry symptoms looks like, so she’ll know it’s time to get a yummy meal right away. I bet she will even have a snack stashed away in her purse just for you. Moms are great because they are the ones that get to be responsible when planning a trip together when it comes to the research and booking of the whole trip. She’ll be your own personal travel agent that you can repay in hugs. Your Mom already knows the activities you will love as well as what you wouldn’t so she can plan fun ones for you two to do together. She may even throw in a special activity you would never have thought of, and you will love it! You will also get to introduce her to things she wouldn’t have picked otherwise, especially a super fantastic and high calorie ice cream treat that’s bigger than your face. It’s a win-win here.

No need to worry about a photographer; your mother is the queen of that so take advantage. She will love capturing the memories of you two together as well. Your Mom will make sure you don’t buy the whole city while traveling; she is there to keep you on a little bit of a track. Splurge a bit of course. Get a cute sun hat together and be twins for the day. It will be cute, and it will make your Momma happy. Treat her to a nice lunch and a cute purse she’s been eyeing. Your time together can be very magical. You will have some really great conversations where you can truly talk about anything in the world without all the distractions. It will definitely make your relationship stronger if it wasn’t as strong to begin with. Don’t forget to hug your Mom goodnight and have sweet dreams. In the morning let the adventure start all over again. Enjoy your Mom.