Best Outdoor Activities to Enjoy in NYC

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Summer is the time when everyone in New York City looks to enjoy some outdoor activities. While renowned for its sophisticated and urbane lifestyle, NYC also offers many amazing opportunities to have a relaxing and enjoyable day out in the sun. Below are some of the most popular activities that you should include in your itinerary when on a private NYC tour.

Go Bouldering in Central Park

Central Park has always been the epicenter of outdoor activities in New York and it offers a delightful green space for picnickers and bird watchers. You can also go bouldering in Central Park and flex your muscles a bit. Bouldering is a form of rock climbing that requires great arm strength to cover the steep vertical distances without any ropes. A private guided tour can help you explore the fullest extent of Central Park.

Go for a Hike in Inwood Hill Park

Inwood Hill Park is a 196-acre space that includes the last remaining part of the virgin forest in the borough. It offers you stunning views of the city while providing many hiking trails through a grove of oak, maple, and tulip trees. You can enjoy many historic highlights on the trail leading to the top of the hill, where you will find the oldest Cottonwood trees in the park.

Go Paddling in the Bronx River

The 24-mile long Bronx River offers you delightful paddling options to explore the hidden oasis in the metropolis. You can enjoy the magnificence of the forested northern areas of the Bronx on the trail, which gradually changes to the industrial area that NYC is known for. Bronx River is home to many varieties of fish, herons, and turtles, which make paddling on the river even more exciting.

Go for Mountain Biking in Wolfe’s Pond Park

If you are into mountain biking, then head to Staten Island for some off-road action. The Wolfe’s Pond Park on the island’s south shore has many mountain bike courses to offer you a thrilling experience. You can choose from a variety of terrains here, from sandy beaches to glacial ponds and thick forest to flat trails, to enjoy your time out in the sun. 

Go Bird Watching in Prospect Park

While not as famous as Central Park, you can have a great bird watching time in Prospect Park in Brooklyn. The lush green space is one of the most preferred destinations for runners and cyclists in New York. However, not many know that Prospect Park is also a bird watcher’s paradise with over 200 species migrating to the park all around the year.