Amsterdam Fun

Amsterdam is full of off-the-beaten-path activities that are just waiting for you to discover. There are so many lovely spots to check out during your adventures in Amsterdam. Some people might not know where to look for the special spots, but if you ask a local, you may just found that magic. There are many markets, museums, and shops to see while you visit. You will definitely be able to see all the main attractions within a few days, but there are many cute places that you should try to check out if you have more time to spend in this lovely city. You can go take a day trip out to Haarlem. It’s a quiet Dutch town that has a beautiful central church, great outdoor market, and all of the beauty of historic Amsterdam with so many less people around. It is just a fast train or bike ride from Amsterdam. It’s a very calm place to walk around for hours.

While in Amsterdam, you can visit Noord. You’ll leave the city center and take the ferry across the IJ to visit the up and coming Noord Amsterdam. It’s really cheap to live there, as well as having a ton of cool markets and restaurants all around. There is a lot of old industrial land there that has been reclaimed for public use. It’s the new hip place to be. There’s the Waterlooplein Flea Market that is an open-air market where everything can be found here, such as hats, antiques, secondhand clothes, gadgets, and so much more. There are lots of new items as well. It is open from Monday to Saturday. One really cool place to go is the Houseboat Museum. It will show you what it’s like to live on a houseboat. It’s just very unique and fun to explore.

If you like to learn, make sure to go to The Amsterdam Library. It’s the city’s beautiful modern building built in 2007. It’s huge, and overlooks the IJ. It also has a wonderful top floor café for impressive views of the city. You can relax there, and just have peace and quiet. It’s a wonderful place to read with a spectacular view. Check out some modern art at the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam. This is “the” place to see lovely modern art. You will be glad you checked it out. I’m sure you love seeing what new and yummy foods are around. Well, Foodhallen is located in Amsterdam west, and it is the place to be to eat so many amazing foods from different vendors. It’s an indoor food market that sells delicious food. It’s basically a bunch of food trucks in one location. Some great ones are Le Big Fish, Friska, and Viet View. While spending time in Amsterdam, just have a good day. You will be happy just exploring and making new memories to share.