3 Fun Amsterdam Cafes to Check Out

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If you’re visiting Amsterdam, then you will be sure to find some lovely places all around you. There’s always one main thing people enjoy when they go traveling somewhere new: FOOD! After a very busy day of wandering the city, you may just want to enjoy a simple meal, or maybe just a coffee or a beer in one of many Amsterdam old cafes called “Brown.” Get ready for a blast from the past in these very comfortable and possibly crowded restaurants because they are just that great. The atmosphere is unique and the people are extremely friendly, all while getting the benefits of very low prices. Most of the people eating at the café will be locals. You can feel like one of them too, and enjoy really yummy food.

There are many different Brown cafes around Amsterdam, and they are all unique and fun. You will typically see a few Dutch beers on tap, a calm place to relax, and a pretty decent liquor selection. A top “Brown” café is called the “café In ‘t Aepjen,” where you will find a building from the 1500’s and a monkey theme all around. The reason for this theme is because back in the day, sailors were rumored to pay off their debt to the hotel located onsite by bringing back an ape (Aepjen is the Dutch word for ape) from their exotic travels.

Another cute and popular one is called the “Café De Pieper.” The ambiance is simply beautiful. It’s a tiny café that dates from the mid-1600’s, with stained glass windows, a slanted floor, and a really cool antique beer pump. This little café overlooks the Prinsengracht canal, and it is great for all seasons. There is a huge terrace outside by the canal that is perfect for summer sun-soaking. “Café Papeneiland” is located on one of the most photographed corners in Amsterdam, and has been family owned for generations. It truly feels like something out of one of the Dutch Master’s paintings. It has classic elements, and uses a black iron stove. They serve great drinks as well as a delicious Apple Tart, which you can taste of the Jordaan Food & Canals Tour or the Jordaan Food Tour. You won’t be disappointed with this one.

The last and best one of them all is called “Café Hoppe,” and this list would not be complete without this one of a kind place on it. If you had to choose one bar to toast at, this would be that bar. It’s listed as a national historic venue in the Netherlands, and started as a distillery. It’s walls are adorned with many original wood panels that each compliment the café’s flickering candles perfectly. This bar is home to a mixed yet trendy-leaning crown, and it has become famous over the years for always having its clientele out on to the street. Definitely be sure to mark this wonderful place off of your list when visiting Amsterdam. It will put a smile on your face.