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Skip-the-Line Pergamon Museum + Neues Museum Combo Guided Tour - Private

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Duration: 5 to 5.5hs Private Tour

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Make the most of your time in Berlin by visiting the Pergamon and Neues museums in one convenience tour. This 5 hour private guided museum combo tour welcomes you on an adventure through the ancient world. Skip the lines with your knowledgable guide as you step back into time and learn about the wonders of the ancient world.


Begin at the Pergamon Museum, wandering the reconstructed facades, mosaics, sculptures, and tiled floors with your guide. In the Greek and Roman section, you’ll see the famous Market Gate of Miletus dating back to the Romans. Even more famous, the Pergamon Altar dates from the 2nd century B.C. and features friezes of the gods battling giants.

Further along in the Ancient Near East collection, your guide will bring you to the world-famous Ishtar Gate from the Babylonian Empire. You’ll also come face to face with cuneiform tablets illustrate the earliest human writings. A stellar collection of Islamic art highlights works from the Middle East collected over the decades. Among them, the wood-paneled Aleppo Room is a favorite, dating back to the 17th century.

Afterwards, enter the Neues Museum, which captivates both children and adults with the world’s most enchanting ancient civilization — Egypt. Listen as your guide explains how the civilization transformed over time as you observe the countless sculptures and death rituals. You’ll come face to face with the curious Berlin Green Man. Then gaze wistfully into the eyes of the exquisite Queen Nefertiti, Egypt’s most famous leading lady. Her bust is the museum’s prized possession.

The Neues Museum has more than just Egyptian artifacts. Check out the oddly-shaped golden hat, used in religious rites during the Bronze Age. Other exhibits feature our closet evolutionary relatives, the Neanderthals, including a well-known one from Le Moustier. You can hear about the urns and looted works in the Nordic collection, and maybe even explore artifacts from the city of Troy. Both of these museums will send you on a whirlwind tour around the ancient world without having to step foot off Museum Island.

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