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Skip-the-Line Pergamon Museum Guided Tour Including Ishtar Gate - Private

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Duration: 2 to 2.5hs Private Tour

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The Pergamon Museum is one of Germany’s most popular museums, exhibiting some of the world’s finest examples of ancient architecture. This 2.5 hour private guided museum tour takes you through these architectural wonders collected by German archaeologists throughout the 19th century. Skip the line with your knowledgable guide as you step back into time and learn about the wonders of the ancient world.


You’ll explore three separate collections that feature interior and exterior design elements dating back hundreds of years. You’ll see reconstructed facades, mosaics, sculptures, and tiled floors as you wander the enormous collection. In the Greek and Roman section, you’ll see the famous Market Gate of Miletus dating back to the Romans. Even more famous, the Pergamon Altar dates from the 2nd century B.C. and features friezes of the gods battling giants. It’s also guilty of sharing its name with the museum!

Further along in the Ancient Near East collection, your guide will bring you to the world-famous Ishtar Gate from the Babylonian Empire. You’ll also come face to face with cuneiform tablets illustrate the earliest human writings. A stellar collection of Islamic art highlights works from the Middle East collected over the decades. Among them, the wood-paneled Aleppo Room is a favorite, dating back to the 17th century. The museum was painstakingly protected and its works rescued during World War II, but a few are still missing. Be sure to ask your guide why.

“Private Tour” means tour guide exclusively for you.

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