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Smithsonian Air & Space Museum + American History Museum Guided Combo Tour

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Duration: 5-5.5hs Semi-Private Tour
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Take a combo tour of the Smithsonian’s most iconic museums on this convenient and engaging experience. This 5 hour semi-private guided museum tour welcomes up to 8 guests on a visit to the National Air and Space Museum before moving to the National Museum of American History. Explore how the United States is looking forward to the future by discovering everything from the early history of flight to the Space Race and moon landings. Then hear the tale of a ragtag group of colonists who built one of the world’s most powerful countries.

(PLEASE NOTE: The Air & Space museum is currently under massive construction and will remain as such for multiple years. This means that Many of the exhibits we describe may NOT be on display. We adjust our tour based on the changing stages of this renovation, and the exhibits that are available to us. here is a link for their website if you would like an updated list of what you may see during your visit:
Thank you for understanding.)

Start at the the National Air and Space Museum to learn all about the country’s more futuristic side. From the Apollo 11 Command Module to real moon rocks, the National Air and Space Museum has some of the most out-of-this-world artifacts. You’ll see earlier examples of planes like the Wright Brother’s aircraft and the Spirit of St. Louis, which successfully crossed the Atlantic Ocean before such a feat seemed commonplace. Your guide will discuss the myths behind the mysterious disappearance of famed pilot Amelia Earhart. Come face to face with space suits used by astronauts working on the Hubble telescope and see the two story back ups for the Hubble telescope and the early space station Skylab dominate your field of vision and since the originals stayed in space, this is the best way to get up close and personal! Moonwalk by lunar modules as you discover the history of the world’s leading air and space program including the innovation and technology that made it possible to land a man on the moon. There’s even freeze dried ice cream in the gift shop to complete the experience.

Then after a break for lunch, move to the National Museum of American History, which traces this ascent through a one-of-a-kind collection of items including the actual banner that inspired the country’s national anthem. Learn about the first president, George Washington, while viewing his sword and discover how Hollywood has helped shape this country when you check out Dorothy’s ruby red slippers. Discuss segregation through the Greensboro lunch counter and the role of women through the first ladies’ gowns. This tour will help you to understand the turbulent history that has marked the United States of America.

Highlights generally include (as long as not on loan or being restored):

1903 Wright Flyer

1909 Wright Military Flyer

Spirit of St. Louis

Jackie Cochran T-38 Talon

Alan Shepard space suit

Freedom 7 capsule

Neil Armstrong space suit

Apollo 11 Columbia capsule

Filming model of Star Trek Enterprise

Filming model of Star Wars X-Wing

Abe Lincoln’s Hat

First Ladies Dresses

Greensboro Lunch Counter

Dorothy’s Ruby Slippers




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Latest Reviews
Latest Reviews
  • harlen f harlen f

    Very professional and informative..we were even told a few things we did not know. Enjoyed the whole tour. Thanks to our tour guide who was great.

  • Karen B Karen B

    This tour was amazing!

  • abalfour2017 abalfour2017

    Smithsonian American History Museum and Air and Space Museum Our guide, Glenys, was extremely knowledgable and well prepared facilitating an informative and thoughtful guided tour.

  • GinevraKent GinevraKent

    Visit 2 of the most popular museums in one day! Tour guide is very knowledgeable. He was able to point at the most important artifacts/works of arts on display. Tour company was also very friendly and flexible when we had to reschedule our tours several times due to some tour conflicts. Will rebook with this company in the future :)