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Louvre Museum + Orsay Museum Skip-the-Line Guided Combo Tour

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Duration: 5 to 5.5hs Semi-Private Tour

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This semi-private guided Louvre and Musée d’Orsay tour, limited to just 8 guests, allows you to experience Paris’s two major museums all in a half day. And they said it couldn’t be done! Join our guides and skip the line to spend 5 to 5.5 hours immersed in the treasures of these two iconic museums with one of our energetic and enthusiastic guides.


Start at the world’s most famous and most visited museum, the Louvre, with works from the Ancient Greeks to the 19th century masters like Delacroix. Discuss Michelangelo’s “Slaves” while strolling through this former royal palace. We’ll answer popular questions like why Mona Lisa is smiling and why the Venus de Milo has no arms before moving across the river towards the Musée d’Orsay.

After a break, we’ll delve into Impressionist work like Monet ‘s waterlilies and Renoir’s “Dance at Le Moulin de la Galette” while discussing Van Gogh’s famous “Bedroom in Arles” and other masterpieces. By the end, you’ll understand why Paris has become one of the most important hubs for artists in the whole world.

Highlights Generally Include: (if artwork is not on loan or being restored etc.)

Mona Lisa, Da Vinci

Venus de Milo

Michelangelo’s Slaves

Winged Victory of Samothrace

Manet’s Luncheon on the Grass

Renoir’s Dance at Le Moulin de la Galette

Monet’s Poppy Field and Waterlilies

Van Gogh’s Bedroom in Arles

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Semi-Private Tour

“Semi-Private” means group size is never more than 8 guests maximum.

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Latest Reviews
Latest Reviews
  • Anna W Anna W

    I like the tour guide, Belen who is extremely professional and is an expert in art and history. She is also very passionate to her job and extremely well in handling my two 9 years old daughters. The duration of the two museums went well for the first time visitors but if you want to explore further for Lourve, you have to go back after Orsay on your own.

  • Brian B Brian B

    Our guide Christina was amazing. She engaged my entire family on the progression of art from the classic to the renaissance to the impressionist and right up to modern art. She showed us the transition of styles and the reasons behind it that opened my family's eyes to art that we never would have noticed before. My wife joked that we learned more in one day than we did in a semester of art history in college. Christina kept the day moving and my kids engaged for the whole time.

  • lisamjaubert lisamjaubert

    This tour was absolutely perfect for us to see the highlights of the Lourve and Musee d’Orsay during our stay in Paris. Belen was an excellent tour guide. She was very educated in Art History which gave us such a wonderful experience of these two museums. I highly recommend this tour.

  • Betty N Betty N

    Amazing! Highly recommended

  • lolavenus lolavenus

    amazing tour. Tour guide was fabulous and friendly.

  • Lawrence P Lawrence P

    Atheni ? was great. Exellent English, and understanding of art style and history was remarkable. Obviously a student of art and art history, not just a guide. Made effective use of waiting time security lines to further explain history of period of art to be seen and use of an I-pad to augment this understanding by showing comparisons with other art. We really enjoyed both tours.

  • Kacapin Kacapin

    Perfect to see the main items.

  • rvicere rvicere

    Loved how I was 1 iof 3 on this small tour. Very informative.

  • drjohnwatkins drjohnwatkins

    Claudia, our guide, escorted 5 of us straight thru to all the highlights in the Louve. After lunch break, went to d'Orsay and again shown the objects d'art of most interest. Highly recommend the semi-private skip-the-lines tours of two museums in one day. While expensive, is cheaper than an additional hotel night and one does not dissipate his energy standing in lines.

  • Christine O Christine O

    Amazing tour and outstanding tour guide!! Lucia was not only very knowledgeable about all of the magnificent art, she was personable and taught us many interesting and unique facts about the museums themselves. This was truly the best way to see these museums. Don't try to experience these museums on your own. Skip the lines and get an amazing tour. tour guide to show and teach

  • blueboxhg1 blueboxhg1

    Tour was intimate and well balanced. Tour guide was excellent

  • Lisa C Lisa C

    On our three-city tour of London, Paris, and Rome, this tour was the favorite tour of all members of my family ranging in age from 17 to 75. Our guide, Athina was exceptional! She was a true expert on art history and archeology and we all learned so much from her. Athina guided us through centuries of priceless art works taking into consideration interests of all family members. She was engaging and an absolute pleasure to be with. We could have spent a week in the museums with her and still we would have wanted more time. Had we gone to the museums on our own, we would have definitely been overwhelmed and wasted time orienting ourselves to these massive museums, especially the Louvre. I would highly recommend Athina and this tour to anyone looking for an unforgettable day in two of the world's most captivating museums.

  • stracyfam stracyfam

    5 étoiles! Belén était superbe. Elle a une connaisance approfondie d'art et elle est capable de la partager aux autres. Elle est aussi passionée en ce qui concerne l'art et sa préservation elle a sauvegardé des statues que d'autres touristes voulaient toucher. Elle nous a demandé ce que nous voulions voir et elle a personnalisé le tour à nos désirs. On a eu de bonnes discussions d'art, d'histoire et de la vie. Belén nous a aidés à non seulement analyser mais aussi à apprécier les thèmes et les contextes des pieces pendant le tour. Belén nous a fait une journée inoubliable! Elle est sympa et bien aimable. Sans hésitation, on la recommande. 5 stars! Belén was fantastic. She has a great knowledge of art and is competent in sharing it. She demonstrated her passion for art and its preservation when she saved some statues from some touchy tourists. She personalized our tour by asking what we wanted to see. We enjoyed great discussions about art, history and life in general. Belén not only helped us to analyze the art but to appreciate themes and backgrounds surrounding the pieces. What a memorable day Belén gave us! Belén is nice and friendly and we highly recommend her.

  • Litriocht Litriocht

    Liliya was a fantastic guide for both the Louvre & Musée d'Orsay! I traveled with my mom, who has some back problems that don't allow her to stand for long periods of time. Liliya accommodated my mom's need to sit by talking to the tour group near my mom's seated spot. In addition to her large amount of knowledge about the museums' collections, Liliya was quite funny. For example, she referred to a collection of cameos in the Louvre as the "selfies" of the Sun King's day. Highly recommend this personal and excellent tour!

  • c_g4321 c_g4321

    I had a wonderful small group tour of the Louvre and Musee d'Orsay. Unlike other tours advertised as "small" this truly was with only 5 people. We had a lovely time and I would highly recommend Babylon and our guide (whose name escapes me right now!).

  • Robin L B Robin L B

    Fabulous tour, wonderful guide. Highly recommend.

  • P2465URanthonyc P2465URanthonyc

    Fabrizzia was excellent! She was very knowledgeable, was great with our kids and got us through the crowds very easily. Highly recommend to anyone going for the first time to any of the museums.

  • Liana22370 Liana22370

    Liliya was an amazing guide on my semi-private tour of the Louvre and Musee d'Orsay! Her attention to detail, personable service and wealth of knowledge enriched my experience.

  • Joseph W Joseph W

    tour guide very very friendly and knowledgable about the art pieces and got us in and out in a reasonable amount of time and still felt I saw everything I was supposed to. Highly recommend

  • Scott R Scott R

    We went on two tours with Belen: the Paris walking + Louvre tour and the Montemartre + Orsay tour. For both of these tours, we ended up being the only people going so they became private! Having Belen take us around twice was a great experience because there was a really nice continuity between the two tours. We also had a great lunch with her on the second tour in Montemartre. The tours made art interesting for us, which is the highest praise we can give. The mix of history and technical factoids were really interesting and brought the paintings and the artists "to life" (bad cliche.. yeah). I really enjoyed learning about the impressionist movement, the major artists and their lives in Paris. Being able to connect the artists to their favorite places around Montmartre was really cool too. The Louvre tour was really great as well. I had been to the Louvre before the tour, and I must say I enjoyed it much more with Belen narrating the pieces. The highlights were the story of the Mona Lisa and the Venus de Milo, and also hearing the technical improvements in sculpting displayed on the Winged Victory of Samothrace. She was very knowledgeable and eager to keep us engaged. I have just been reminded to say that Belen was also very accommodating of our (and mostly my) needs, whether it was wanting to take a break, to get a coffee, to eat... etc. The Louvre was particularly busy when we went, so because we were delayed she even showed us around past the end of the tour. We really can't recommend these tours enough! We also met a few of the other Babylon tour guides and they were very nice as well. Both tours were great, but if I were to choose a favorite, it would be the Montmarte + Orsay tour.

  • Jen W Jen W

    This was the end of our Europe trip, and our third tour with Babylon! It y far was the best (all our guides were wonderful btw) but Belen is AMAZING. I literally am obsessed with her. Beautiful, talented and a Paris enthusiast. We had an extraordinary tour of Montmartre and the d'Orsay museum. It was like being in a movie back in time and the most romantic and beautiful experience we had in Paris! These guides no there stuff and there wasn't a dull moment I assure you. Don't hesitate Babylon tours is was referred to me by a close friend and I am so grateful. My husband and I love history and art so Belen was the perfect match. We reveled in the lives and art of the impressionists. Visiting their stomping grounds in Montmartre and witnessing all their magnificent creations in the celebrated Musee d'Orsay. Love Love Love Paris, Belen & Babylon Tours (wish we could have done more, but we'll be back ;) thank you <3

  • joetravelerct joetravelerct

    Fantastic tours, 2 hours at each museum with a nice lunch stop in between. Our guide was knowledgeable and interesting. She combined information about the artists, history, religion, the techniques they used to make it a very comprehensive look at and understanding of the works she highlighted. The four hours passed in the blink of an eye. Our group was small, just the two of us and one other couple. Highly recommend and worth every penny!

  • KatfromNY KatfromNY

    Where to begin? From the moment my boyfriend and I met with our tour guide Kotryna we knew that we were going to have a wonderful time learning about art. We got lucky and were the only ones there for the tour of the Louvre so we essentially had a private tour. Kotryna took us through the Louvre and showed us all of the art works that usually draw in the tourists but also showcased a lot of the other masterpieces from sculptures to paintings and even crown jewels. Kotryna is highly knowledgeable in art history as well as European history so her narratives about the various art pieces were truly fascinating to listen to. After lunch we met up with another couple and continued our tour at the D'Orsay. Here again Kotryna shared many interesting historical details about the works of art and the life of the artists. We couldn't have been more happier with our tour and highly recommend Babylon Tours! Thanks again to Kotryna!!!

  • cilemoreno cilemoreno

    Wow. We had a semi private 5 hour tour of the Louve and the Musee d'Orsay. Only four of us. Our tour guide, Violete, had a PHD in art history, so we could not have received better incite on the works of the masters. She knew so many details of the artists lives. WOW, WOW, WOW

  • ar23tuffe ar23tuffe

    We booked this tour through Babylon with whom we have had success in other cities. Therefore, we had very high expectations. They were met and exceeded. We were fortunate to have Belen Roncoroni as our guide. There were four in our group for the Louvre and just my wife and I for the d"Orsay. Belen determined our level of sophistication and gauged the tour accordingly. What a day! Her encyclopedic knowledge of (advanced degree) and obvious passion for art captivated us and the hours flew by. We did not want the day to end. We highly recommend this tour.

  • Iris L Iris L

    I decided to book several tour with Babylon tours when my friends came to visit Paris and that was the best decision I have made. It was 3 of us and we were alone for every tour which we have booked! Our first tour was Combo Museum tour: Louvre and Museum of Orsay. You may think that 5 hours could be long however time flied so quickly with our lovely guide Tina with us. With her beautiful storytelling, she gave us amazing insights in history of art skilfully connecting both museums in one big art story. She was also very personable, witty and eloquent making our tour an unforgettable experience. Our second tour was Pere Lachaise Cemetery and amazing Tina was again with us, leading us through this magical place and sharing some of the most unusual stories with us. Later on we have done Paris walk tour where we have visited Notre Dame Cathedral and Ile de la Cite with our amazing guide Lilya who proved to be an expert in history and art. She had tonnes of information and was able to answer every question we had. Overall I would highly recommend Babylon Tours to anyone who wants to have personable tour from which one can learn a lot!

  • vero D vero D

    We did a combo tour with Tina of the Louvre and Musee D'Orsay. The tour is 5 hrs - about 2 hrs in each museum and 1 hr for a lunch break. It seems like it's not much time but when you have someone leading the way and telling you the stories about art you actually get to see a lot more than trying to figure things out yourself. Being in a small group also made a difference. We didn't have to worry about losing people in the crowd and got personal attention. Tina herself was very engaging and personable. We thoroughly enjoyed our tour.

  • Chiguy064 Chiguy064

    Our stay in Paris was short so we opted to take a 5 hour Semi-Private (5 people max) guided tour of the Lourve and Orsay Museums lead by Tina. I am very glad we did. Of course, a 2 hour tour of each museum was not sufficient to see everything offered by either museum. But I felt we got a great education value for time. These museums are so large and crowded that without her, we would have only seen a small fraction of what we did see or spent far more time seeing what we did. Tina was able to efficiently navigate us through the crowds and shortcut many of the queues. She did an excellent job giving us a detailed history of the pieces. Being a small group, we had plenty of opportunities to asks questions. This tour is expensive but we were able to use reward points from our credit card so there was no out of pocket expenses.

  • Teramura Teramura

    Our tour guide Caroline was fabulous. We were fortunate to be the only couple signed up for the tour so it was a private customized tour. She spoke fluent and very clear English which greatly enhanced the experience and she was so knowledgeable. We always like small private tours since you see and learn so much more than a large group tour that the extra cost is more than worth iy, particularly in very crowded museums.

  • Jim W Jim W

    Christina was our tour guide and having a small group (5 or less) makes this such a personalized experience that you will get far more from the Louvre and d' Orsay museums than going on your own. I highly recommend Babylon Tours. Excellent customer service too.

  • Mariah C Mariah C

    We took a tour through the Louvre and Orsay with Belen, luckily it was just me and my fiancé so it was like our own private tour! Belen was amazing and she had so much knowledge on all of the art, it was the experience I was hoping for! She showed us all the important pieces, explained the history behind them all and tied all the works together in a timeline. I learned so much and she was also very funny. I would recommend this tour to anyone interested in art and art history!

  • BpDianeBruce BpDianeBruce

    What a great day! This small group tour was exactly what we were hoping for! Belen our guide opened our eyes to understand the progression of art we were seeing. It was a wonderful tour and a great crash course in the history of art!

  • Joe A Joe A

    All I can say is, Bravo! Yes, I know that is not French but there are no accolades strong enough to explain how perfect this tour was. A small, well informed and friendly group took almost a day to explore the wonders of: the Louvre; and, the d'Orsay. Our guide was well informed, patient, enthusiastic and gave us a history of both museums, as well as Paris, that was unequaled to anything I have ever been told on any of the numerous tours I have been a part of. He was excellent and I walked away with a firm understanding and newly found appreciation of both the museums and Paris. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

  • John P John P

    We had a group of 4 and did the small group tour with Amanda. She was great. Her insights and the way she conducted the tour made it fun for us and we learned a lot about the museums and the city

  • JosieChapman65 JosieChapman65

    Amanda our tour guide made this tour extremely enjoyable. I think that it is a huge benefit that Babylon have small intimate groups which allowed Amanda to be able to catered to all of our art needs as we went through the museums. She was extremely knowledgeable about all the art work in both museums and her tour was always very interesting. This is a great way to be introduced to the two museums so that they do not overwhelm (so much to see, so little time) great overwiew of famous pieces that you have seen in books or seen on TV and then the joy of being introduced to other work that is so amazing to see but you have never heard of before, oh and you get the miss those horrendous long lines of people waiting to get in...So thank you Amanda for making this tour such a wondeful experience and then going above and beyond and telling us what we should do later in the day, your suggestion of MontMarte was perfect for us before we left Paris, so again thanks. I would highly recommend Babylon and Amanda!! Hope to see you soon again

  • Keith H Keith H

    We enjoyed our small group tour of the two top museums in Paris with Amanda. She was very knowledgeable and sensitive to our needs as older visitors. We recommend this option for new museum visitors. Amanda was also helpful in planning the rest of our visit to the D'Orsay and when we return next time.

  • eric c eric c

    Our family of 5 did the small group, skip the line tour of the Louvre and the Musée D'Orsay with Amanda. She did an amazing job of balancing the art, the history and the beauty of the city in a fun and interesting way. Amanda let us pace our day as we liked (which helped for our jet lagged group) and provided us with a great insight into both museums as well as other cool things to see, do and eat while in Paris. It was a great tour and wonderful day!

  • Maddoxfamily Maddoxfamily

    Our family of 5 did the skip the line tour of the Louvre and the Musee D'Orsay with Lily. She did a perfect job of steering us through both museums with ease, making sure that we visited the most important spots and that we received a thorough understanding of the pieces of art. Her knowledge was superb. Most importantly, we enjoyed spending the day with Lily and getting to know her. She is very warm, friendly and personable. She made a point of engaging with each of the members of our group to ensure that they were enjoying the tour. She also went out of her way to point out things that would be interesting to each member of her group. We would highly recommend the tour and highly recommend Lily.

  • Marius_Trones Marius_Trones

    My wife and me (from Norway) had a "Skip-the-Line: Louvre Museum and Musée d?Orsay Small-Group Tour" and from the first minute this was a great success. Our guide Belèn was very friendly and educated. It was fun to listen to her knowledge about the art at the museums. We felt welcome and included by our guide. There was not a dull moment the entire time. Will do this again in the future and recommend Belèn as a guide to all our friends if they go to Paris and Louvre.

  • Melissa H Melissa H

    We booked a small group tour. I messed up the reservation and we missed our original tour date. We went to the "spot" of our designated meeting location and begged for a do-over. They were so incredibly gracious, put us in a small group tour the following day. Our small group tour of the Louvre and d'Orsay was a perfect experience thanks to Nafi, our guide. She was AWESOME!!!! Babylon Tours, you have a fan for life!

  • Adrian R Adrian R

    We booked the combo tour of the Louvre and Orsay museums in mid April, from 10am to 3pm. Our tour guide was Belén. She was the most knowledgeable guide we have ever had (and we've had a lot). We are very picky about our guides and she did not disappoint in any way, shape or form. There were four in our group (my wife, parents and myself) and the guide. We spent about 3 hours in the Louvre and then about a 90 minutes in the Orsay. We even visited a great pastry shop (Eric Kayser - I'll review that separately) on the route from the Louvre to the Orsay - we went back twice during our visit. The tour was informative, enlightening, and inspiring. It could not have gone any better and we wholeheartedly recommend it. It beats getting the headsets and wandering around. I can't tell you how many times other patrons migrated over to listen to our guide give us a detailed, historical description of the art, its techniques, history, and relevance. We would have paid a lot more for this type of specialized and personalized tour!!

  • AngelaJ155011 AngelaJ155011

    We toured Lourvre and Museé d'Orsay with Belén. We were lucky enough to be in a small group and felt that a guided tour was much informative then a self-guided tour. Belén was on time, in fact, she was there earlier than the meeting time which was quite important to us (on a different tour that week, our guide failed to show up. When we called him half an hour pass the meeting time, we were told he slept in). Both my husband and I felt that Belén was very knowledgeable on her art history and presented it in a very entertaining way. She was personable and approachable. We recommend her highly to anyone interested in touring these places. It was a wonderful day and we learned a lot without even realizing it!

  • Debra G Debra G

    We were in Paris with other couples and had the pleasure of receiving an excellent guided tour with the lovely Belen! A vivacious young woman, well-traveleled and well-studied, she is extremely knowledgeable about the art/artists in both the museums and presents her knowledge in the most interesting and entertaining way. Unfortunately, I wasn't feeling well and had to sit out some of the best parts of the tour, but the couple my husband and I were traveling with, agree that Belen was fantastic, funny, entertaining with her stories and had great insights throughout the tour! We highly recommend her and feel her tour was one of the highlights of our Paris visit! She is comfortable with herself and relates well to men and women, but young and old! Don't miss the opportunity to book with Belen…she will open art up to you in new ways and make the artist and the work come alive! Belen took us to a great little place for an enjoyable lunch and a bit of a rest. She was personable and professional and her energy was infectious! Thank you Belen for a fantastic tour! We highly recommend you to all who come to museums of Paris! We are home now, having visited Madrid, Paris and London during our trip. I have to say that of the guides we were fortunate enough to have…you were the BEST! Au Revoir Belen!

  • Jess U Jess U

    Took this tour with Dario during my first trip to Paris. I loved that it was a small group (only three people). I am not a big art history buff but Dario explained the history behind what we were seeing and he helped us to know how to better view the art. While at the Musee D'Orsay he had us pick out our favorite paintings in the room and explain why they were our favorite. He had us try to pair paintings that were done by the same artist. It was not only informative and educational but also interactive which I have never experienced on any tour before. I would definitely recommend anyone in paris for the first time!

  • Angela E Angela E

    Belen was amazing-- her passion for the subject matter was apparent and we could only scratch the surface her knowledge. Not only were we able to jump the line, but we also swiftly covered much of the Louvre and D'Orsay and even worked in a delicious lunch better than we'd have wandered into on our own. We had a small group (our family of 4) plus a couple, so the tour was quite personal. Belen is an art scholar and an accomplished artist, so she brought a great deal of expertise and perspective to the tour. Highly recommend!

  • Jeremyromney Jeremyromney

    We booked this tour mainly to skip the line at the Louvre and d'Orsay, but we got so much more. Our guide Belen was awesome. Perfect mix of art history and stories to really make for a very memorable experience while viewing the art. We really liked the intimacy of our tour with only 5 people. Great value and well worth booking. Highly recommend.


    Excellent guide

  • Julie H Julie H

    The best way to see these two Museums in a short time, the guide was amazing and we learnt so much. Julie The best way to see these two Museums in a short time, the guide was amazing and we learnt so much. Julie The best way to see these two Museums in a short time, the guide was amazing and we learnt so much. Julie Julie

  • rnolsson rnolsson

    Loved our guide! She was highly knowledgable, explained the history easily, good humored. Highly recommended !!

  • juandric juandric

    Outstanding tour. Only four in our group. Our guide, Belen, was knowledgeable and passionate about her subject.

  • Umal Ikram N? Umal Ikram N?

    Our host Harriet was very friendly, informed and knowledgeable of the art, artists and history of both museums we visited. Would highly recommend booking a tour with her. However, we felt the tour was not good value for money as it was very expensive compared to other tours we did for the duration and did not include lunch, transport or anything else apart from the basic tour.

  • Brandy P Brandy P

    Belen of Babylon was amazing. She was considerate of the pace of the tour and allowed moments for us to sit while she spoke. My husband commented that we had our own and #34;female Indiana Jones and #34; tour guide. If you want to learn a lot and to enjoy your day... this is it.

  • Desiree O Desiree O

    Lily, our guide, was wonderful. This tour was perfect: just our family of four and Lily. She engaged our kids, shared great info of the museums, took us to key art pieces. This was a pricey event. However, we would have gotten lost and frustrated if we went to both museums on our own. No time wasted on waiting in line.

  • Kyle P Kyle P

    The Louvre is both amazing and overwhelming. Having a PERSONAL tour guide to help you progress through this magnificent museum is entirely worthwhile. Our guide provided us with nearly three hours of uninterrupted attention, and customized our visit to match our interests. I highly recommend this tour!

  • Douglas R A Douglas R A

    Our guide was friendly and knowledgeable and did a great job of concisely navigating us through some of the highlights in two extraordinary museums

  • Diane T Diane T

    Katrina was a wonderful tour guide, very knowledgable about the works of art and also the buildings themselves. The hours flew by and we were very grateful she was our guide. Katrina also was a wealth of information on French history

  • Wendy F Wendy F

    Fantastic! Only way to see the Louvre and Orsay Museums!

  • Sarah E Sarah E

    The tour was incredible and our guide helped make it so. His knowledge of each piece was amazing and we had so much fun. His passion for his job was clear and helped us be able to say our day exceeded our expectations. The Orsay was our favorite--we highly recommend this opportunity. Thanks Alex!!!

  • joeandkerrie joeandkerrie

    Second time we have done this tour our guide was really good and informative, without the guide you would miss lots of things. The Musee d Orsay is also a must not as crowded as the Louvre but just as amazing would certainly to this again.

  • John F John F

    Our tour of the Louvre and Museum D Orsee was wonderful, as Tina is so knowledgeable and passionate about Art History

  • Gary N Gary N

    This tour was amazing!

  • Trisna R Trisna R

    It was a very nice experience for me. I was very lucky that I'm the only one customer so it's like a private tour, and my tour guide Lylia I hope I spell the name correctly is very competent with her background as history teacher, she has lots of knowledge about all the pieces in the museum.

  • Cassie B Cassie B

    The only way to see the museums if you don't know much about art. Our guide was so knowledgable and very nice to be around and listen to. I think his name was Alex but I'm not sure. He was open to doing whatever we wanted to do or see. It was obvious that he loved history and art depicting it. He got us tables at the bakery when it was busy and just took good care of us. I wished our tour was longer than 5 hours. Actually it was! He spent an extra hour with us at the Louvre but I was so interested in what we were seeing that I didn't notice at the time. He even took breaks to have us sit down a few minutes so we wouldn't get too weary on our feet. I think you should consider lengthening the time if it wouldn't scare people away. Or maybe a second tour, a day 2 option, covering different parts of the Louvre. We left him a big tip!

  • Stephanie W Stephanie W

    It was awesome. Guide was very knowlegable. I would highly recommend this tour.

  • Christie G Christie G

    Outstanding! The highlight of our trip. However, with this kind of tour, the guide really makes it. Our guide Belen was superb. She had a passion and knowledge of art that took us on a journey through the ages, marrying the history of France with each piece of art we viewed. We started our journey at some point BC as we entered the Louvre and six hours later wound up in the early 20th century at the Musee d'Orsay. I would recommend everyone who visits Paris and has any interest in art take this tour.

  • Jameswebb99 Jameswebb99

    A small group tour is 5 or less and the experience was wonderful. Our guide was Christina and she provided great stories about all the art we enjoyed. The only downside are all the selfies from people who don't even look at the art. No fault of the tour, but be prepared.

  • Kimberly R Kimberly R

    Great tour ...Alex was phenomenal! He was so knowledgeable and really made our tour special. Anyone going on this tour should ask for Alex as their guide. Would do this all over again!

  • Marianne A Marianne A

    This was one of the best tours I ever experienced! Our tour guide, Carolina, was simply amazing. She was personable, engaging, funny and warm, and best of all, extremely knowledgeable. We would unequivocally recommend this tour to everyone!

  • Kevin C Kevin C

    Hillary is an awesome guide!! She is very knowledgeable in all aspects of art and art history. She was fun to be with and we enjoyed a lunch with her between the Louvre Museum tour and the Musee d Orsay tour. She was insightful and kept our attention throughout both tours. We cannot say enough about Hillary and hope you get her for your tour!!

  • Angela P Angela P

    Tina, our guide, was wonderful! She was extremely knowledgeable about the art and history and made the tour so very interesting. My two teenagers were enthralled with all the information. On top of that, Tina was friendly, personable, and flexible. She made the Louvre and the Musee d'Orsay one of the hi-lights of our trip to Paris.

  • Ellen O? Ellen O?

    The guide makes the difference, and ours, Lily, was the BEST!

  • stbdabner stbdabner

    Bel?n was so informative in our tours of The Louvre and Musee d'Orsay. I not only learned about the works themselves, I learned of the different periods of art, how they progressed and how they influenced not only the art world but the world in general. My Father who is a bit more knowledgable than I, being a retired high school art teacher, thoroughly enjoyed himself. Excellent tour, educational and fun, thank you Bel?n!

  • David A David A

    Belen, our tour guide, did an excellent job of introducing us to the museum's impressive collection of art. Beginning on the museum's first floor, she walked us through each section and explained how various paintings were examples of famous eras in art history -- classicism, naturalism, impressionism, cubism, and so on. Belen is extremely knowledgeable and has great enthusiasm for art. The three of us in our group felt the tour was very enjoyable and also informative.

  • Nancy M Nancy M

    Chris was a wonderful tour guide and was very knowledgeable about both museums. Great day!!!

  • Jean Luc S Jean Luc S

    Our guided tour of the Louvre and Muse? dOrsay was excellent. It turned out to be private, because my husband and I were the only ones on it. This made it super special. Lilia was our guide and we were very lucky. We are not what you could consider into art people. She managed to keep it interesting by linking history to the paintings, sculptures and objects of art during the visit. Time flew away and before we knew it, the tour was over.?

  • Annette M Annette M

    I wish we could give 10 Stars! We were a group of 6 and had two awesome tour guides, Lily and Harriet! Since my father was in a wheel chair we separated into two small groups. Lily was so great that she went to the museums prior to our tour and mapped out the tour for a person in a wheelchair, since this was her first time with someone in a chair. They were both so knowledgeable and provided us with lots of great history, fun facts and made us feel right at home. They took us to the most important pieces in the museum but if we were curious about something else they were knowledgeable about it, they did a super nice job! We had lunch at this really cute Parisian caf? that Harriet recommended to us and they even joined us, they fit into our group just like family. Our entire group was pleased with the tour and I have and will continue to recommend this tour to others.

  • Robin L Robin L

    Excellent. Worth every penny. Our guide Chris was wonderful, entertaining, and let us go at our own pace. Even though the group is limitd to ten, we were lucky that it was just our family of four and him. Chris also directed to a delicious restaurant where we dined without a hurry. Be sure to ask for Chris he made all the difference!

  • Cheri R Cheri R

    Probably the best tour we had in Paris. Our Tour guide Chris, was FABULOUS! It was a small group of 6 of us for the Louvre and after lunch we broke into two groups, so it was just the four in our family with the tour guide Chris. He was fun, taught us a few things about the art, made you think, and really was a great time. Chris was the best guide. If you get a chance to request him, do it.

  • Kimberly P Kimberly P

    Our guide was amazing. Very insightful and knowledgeable.

  • Karen C Karen C

    Excellent tour and tour guide.....

  • Keith H Keith H

    We enjoyed our day with the guide and she was careful to speak clearly so the non-native English speaker could understand her clearly. She also advised us regarding our plans for the rest of the day at the D'Orsay so we could see the rest of the art in the time remaining after the tour ended. We recommend this company highly and agreed that our guides were very knowledgeable and well spoken.

  • Lloyd H Lloyd H

    Our guide Chris was terrific!

  • Yvonne Rosalie S Yvonne Rosalie S

    Extremely interesting, tour guide excellent, will have to come again to see more

  • Patti S Patti S

    Belen is one of the most enthusiastic, educated, engaging people I have ever met. She inspired us with her knowledge, comforted us with her kindness and made the entire Paris experience one we will never forget. While there is beauty every where you turn in these museums, it is easy to miss out on the history, the techniques, the back story and learning as we went enriched our experience. Maybe it was Belen but I encourage anyone going to book a tour with her. She was fabulous!!

  • Michael D Michael D

    Belen was a joy! My wife and I were part of a tour with Belen that included another couple and a single woman. We were taken through the Louvre by Belen and she was able to cover alot of ground all while providing very interesting information abut the sculptures, the paintings and the building we were in. Belen walked us over to Musee d'Orsay and really came into her element. We had a wonderful time exploring the treasures of the museum. Belen was engaging, knowledgeable and funny. Belen made our day a complete pleasure!

  • Mike M Mike M

    Tour was excellent and the knowledge of the guide was impressive to say the least!

  • Toni T Toni T

    This was an excellent tour. Harriot?? was an exceptional guide and we got to see exactly what we wanted

  • Ramona R Ramona R

    Wonderful guide and experience.

  • broncohero1999 broncohero1999

    Guides were great! The only problem the Louvre was closed due to a strike! Had to reschedule, luckily we had an extra day. A lot of info to take in. Louvre is very crowded. Difficult to have any time to look at some popular items.

  • Gregw720 Gregw720

    The guide was very good. He was interested in our opinions as well. The group was only 3 people so listening and talking was easy.

  • David T David T

    Trip was great, well worth the cost. Our guide was phenomenal! We got a walking history tour and a better appreciation for the different era's, painters and political and social messages in the artwork.

  • Richard L Richard L

    Excellent Tour. Led by an artist, Belen, my wife and I and another couple were taken on a journey through Time at the Louvre and Musee d'Orsay. We stopped for lunch between the museum visits at a restaurant in the Tuileries Gardens. Was provided with quick access to the museums, great direction to the key exhibits and received a deep understanding of what made each work of art significant and how the times impacted the respective artists. Highly recommend.

  • Jojo Jojo

    Amazing!! Santiago was a great tour guide showing and sharing with us stories that are not all from the internet or regular reading materials books, etc...kinda interesting account of the Mona Lisa and Leonardo da was just unfortunate that we were'nt able to proceed in the afternoon tour at the Musee d Orsay because of the worker's strike...we understand though that this is an unforseen event and not within the control of the tour operator...thanks to Dario also for finding ways how to compensate however, we were already set to fly back to our country...we are glad though that we will be given a refund..thanks anyway..highly recommended tour!

  • David C David C

    This was a highlight of our trip to Paris. Our guide Belen Roncoroni,was exceptional. She made both museums come alive and it really was a four hour art history course. We saw all the masterpieces and much more ,had a great lunch in Tuileries garden in between tours. Highly recommended. Dave and AnnMarie Curtin

  • ckb333 ckb333

    Worth every penny. Our guide, Liliya, was quite knowledgeable and very personable. She kept us moving, made the art come to life with her commentary. We had a great day with her. Would highly recommend her.

  • Karl R Karl R

    Informative and fun. Lillia was our guide and was friendly, informative and enthusiastic. First she guided us and one other couple through the Louvre hitting all the highlights while tells us about the artists, historical figures and the history of the Louvre and Paris. Next we walked to a nice park cafe for a delightful lunch and walk to the Musee d'Orsay. We loved everything about this museum, former train station, now home to a wonderful collection of Impressionist and post Impressionist paintings and sculptures. Lillia once again guided us through the collection highlighting points of interests and telling us the history. We stayed to visit on our own, but I must say that this tour is definitely worth your time and money. Thank you Viator and Lillia.

  • Lawrence L Lawrence L

    Tour guide was extremely knowlegable about both museums. He was especially appreciated in the Louvre where he took us on a chronological tour of the periods of the art. I would highly recommend this tour.

  • Trenee J Trenee J

    I have done this tour previously but Belen, an art history major explained the history, the artist as well as the paintings, bringing them to life!! My advice is to absolutely request her for your tour here---a must see in Paris! I would rate a 10 if that was an option!

  • David M David M

    Our guide, Belen, was outstanding. She spoke English exceptionally well. She was knowledgeable and patient

  • abcnest abcnest

    We had Lily all to ourselves, had lunch with her and continued our day with her famously.

  • barclayj2 barclayj2

    Our Skip the Line tour of the Louvre and d'Orsay was beyond expectations. Our guide, Lilia, made what could have been an overwhelming experience into a thoughtful and understandable journey through the evolution of Western art. My husband and I had visited 14 years ago and enjoyed the huge collection very much, skipping amongst various historical art treasures. This time, however, we followed a logical progression of art and history. My husband still raves that he has never enjoyed a museum experience this much. Definitely one of the highpoints of our travels!

  • Carolyn S Carolyn S

    Excellent tour. Having only three people in our tour made for a very personal experience. Amanda, our tour guide, was excellent. Her knowledge and delivery were amazing. She made the whole experience exciting. A very good way to experience the Louvre and d'Orsay, with a wonderful meal with new friends in between. I highly reommend this tour. It's a great way to miss the lines and enjoy a tour of these amazing masterpieces.

  • Pat Pat

    Best tour guide ever. She even found a quaint restaurant for us to have lunch. Liked the small group and skip the line. She did her best to get us around the crowds and see the top picks

  • Eric C Eric C

    Our family of 5 did the small group, skip the line tour of the Louvre and the Mus?e D'Orsay with Amanda. She did an amazing job of balancing the art, the history and the beauty of the city in a fun and interesting way. Amanda let us pace our day as we liked which helped for our jet lagged group and provided us with a great insight into both museums as well as other cool things to see, do and eat while in Paris. It was a great tour and wonderful day!

  • Kathy D Kathy D

    WOW great tour!!! Belen was amazing . She was informative interesting fun and an art history expert . She made our tour so interesting.Long day but a great tour.

  • Lorraine A Lorraine A

    Tour was fantastic, the guide made it fun and interesting.

  • Nancy D Nancy D

    This tour was excellent! Our guide was terrific and provided us with wonderful art history. She also knew the best way to proceed through the museums to provide the best access to the art we wanted to view.

  • Railman Railman

    Wonderful experience.and our guide was superb- as she was an art historian she was able to explain every painting and sculpture we saw in terms we could understand and appreciate. It was a very tiring day but we would recommend this tour especially if you had the same guide as we had.

  • Kathy S Kathy S

    Tour guide was FANTASTIC!

  • Darla W Darla W

    Excellent! Nathan, our tour guide was exceptional. His historical background gave wonderful insights into the different periods represented at the Louvre and the Musee d Orsay. Time flew by but felt he gave us a good overall art experience.

  • Kelly B Kelly B

    Great tour! Nice and comfortable pace - you get the major highlights of each museum without feeling overwhlemed.

  • Marius T Marius T

    Me and my wife had a wonderful day together with our excellent guide. She was very good at speaking english so we had no difficulty understanding her even if we are not english speaking persons. The guide had extensive knownledge about the art and area. A couple of things pulling down is the speed of the tour and what looked like a internal problem between guides. Our guide was a art historian and other guides did not like that our guide didnt have guide badge like they did. Those problems is best kept internally and not on the museum floor. On the other hand our final rating is excellent.

  • Karina Perini Karina Perini

    A melhor excurs?o que eu j? fiz na vida! ?ramos somente eu, minha m?e e a guia. Optamos pela excurs?o em espanhol e nossa guia Cristina, uma espanhola super fofa, ficou duas horas e meia no Louvre nos mostrando e explicando detalhadamente cada principal obra do museu! Foi incr?vel! Ela tirou todas as nossas d?vidas e nos proporcionou um conhecimento aprofundado e um outro olhar sobre as obras que n?s, como leigas, n?o conseguir?amos ver se f?ssemos sozinhas. Fizemos uma pausa de 30 minutos em um caf? e seguimos para o Orsay. L? ficamos mais duas horas e meia que passaram voando por conta de tantas informa??es incr?veis que recebemos da nossa guia. ? um passeio caro, mas valeu cada centavo! SUPER RECOMENDADO! 10 ESTRELAS!

  • dmperry07 dmperry07

    Great tour!! Our guide, Amanda, was so gracious and had a great knowledge in our particular interests. She gauged those interests and tailored our tour. This is the best way to go if you only have a day or two to visit the museums.

  • Nancy C Nancy C

    The tour was incredible and that's because our tour guide Belen was filled with passion and history that we wouldn't have been able to grasp on our own walking through these enormous museums. We highly recommend this tour for everyone that wants to see and appreciate the highlights of these incredible places. It allowed us to skip the lines as well. Well worth every penny!

  • James L James L

    The museums are outstanding and our guide was super knowledgeable and friendly. We saw most of the top attractions at the Louvre, but you really need a lot more time that 2 hours. The d'Orsay tour was about the right amount of time.

  • latopping latopping

    All of our group cancelled at the last minute and we had a private tour! Cudos to the company for not just cancelling the tour altogether. Our guide Eammuel sp? was fantastic - giving us so much history that helped us thoroughly enjoy the art. He even found places for us to sit and rest as we toured and waited while we used the restroom. He took us to a wonderful little cafe for lunch - food was FANTASTIC and quick. Would do a tour with him anytime.

  • Catherine B Catherine B

    Belen was super intelligent, super informed and super excited about art and history. On a scale of 1 to 100 she gave 110 percent. I have been to the Louvre and to the Musee D'Orsay many times but still learned a ton from her. I would recommend it times a million!

  • Beverly B Beverly B

    It's the Louvre! Our tour guide was a delight. He was informative, helpful, flexible, and entertaining. Wonderful excursion.

  • Aisling C Aisling C

    This tour was amazing!


    We enjoyed this tour very much. Our tour guide was very knowledgeable and spoke English very well. Highly recommended for anybody wanting to see these two museums.

  • Rosemarie G Rosemarie G

    learned so much....guides were knowledgeable and smart. knew their stuff

  • Diane P Diane P


  • Kathy G Kathy G

    Our tour guide Naf was great! She was so knowledgeable and had a great enthusiasm for the art. She made it so much fun!

  • hfu hfu

    Very professional ! Knowing a lot of paintings and meanings and how to understanding the arts works

  • Randall B Randall B

    Our guide was absolutely the very best. He taught us so much about impressionism and took us to locations before they got overcrowded. One of the best tours we ever took and completely due to our tour guide.

  • John C John C

    Our tour was wonderful and our guide Chris knew so much about the treasures in the Louve and Orsay Museums. I would recommend this tour highly.

  • Daniel R Daniel R

    amazing guide. if i wasn't on the tour i would have been very overwhelmed and missed out on the history behind how the art ended up in the museums in france!! would highly recommend

  • Adina M Adina M

    My tour guide Amanda was outstanding! She was incredibly knowledgable about both art and history and was and to top it off was an absolutely great chick! She was exactly why I booked a tour for these experiences and I could not be happier.

  • Garciela N J Garciela N J

    Tour guide very knowledgeable and professional. Strongly recommend it!

  • dmp0428 dmp0428

    Great tour, appreciated the ability to bypass the queues. Our guide was amazing and made the entire tour/cost worthwhile. He was so informative and infused personal stories along with some of the information which made it even more interesting. I would definitely do a tour guided by him again.

  • Jeffrey N Jeffrey N

    Good day . . . nice small group .. . knowledgeable tour guide

  • Jeffrey V Jeffrey V

    The tour was fantastic. Karl was our guide for the day, he is a history and art major and he was excellent in Setting the stage for what we were going to see that day. Loved the chronological order but that you were went on, and truly enjoyed Karl's insight into each art object! We hope to come!

  • Robbyneric Robbyneric

    We had a great time on our tour. Nathan, our guide was very personable and knowledgable and even stayed passed the scheduled time with us. Top grades accross the board!!!

  • ddyueh ddyueh

    Chris Carroll was an unbelievably great guide a master of his subject perfect diction and articulation without the need for headsets and being an actor, a storyteller as well - he made the Lourve, the Orsay and the fine arts COME ALIVE for us. My wife and I could not have been more impressed.

  • Michael M Michael M

    The quide was outstanding. I was not an art critic but after this tour I look at art in a different light. The works that we viewed were interesting and inspiring.

  • Peter S Peter S

    Our guide was excellent!

  • Jennifer W Jennifer W

    This tour was great for seeing 2 museums and their iconic pieces, that are "musts" when visiting Paris. I learned a TON about the art we did get to see, but couldn't see everything because the Louvre is huge! Can use the pass to go back for more the same day on your own though.

  • florianwo florianwo

    Tour was great. We enjoyed a completely private tour with just the two of us and our knowledeable guide!

  • Michael P G Michael P G

    The Louvre is a feast for the eyes. My husband and I took a small group tour and it was lovely. However, the crowds around Mona Lisa made it difficult to enjoy her beauty.

  • Luciana R Luciana R

    We had a fantastic time with Belen - she was incredibly knowledgeable and not only we saw the main works of art, but we also got a history lesson about Paris and how art played a role in it.? I just can't say enough good things about Belen and how special and personal she made our time together!

  • Benjamin N Benjamin N

    This tour was great. Luckily for us we had our own private tour with the amazingly knowledgeable Dario who escorted us all the way around both Museums with a passion for the art that showed in his explanation's. All questions were answered with either a good story about the art or his contagious enthusiasm which held throughout. Definitely worthwhile!!

  • Gary H Gary H

    Absolutely fabulous. Belen was a very friendly and knowledgeable guide. She was enthusiastic and personable which added to the experience. We learned so much from her. She provided us with the background of the periods and the art. Would highly recommend this tour especially with her. Really liked the small group experience.

  • Philip P Philip P

    Our guide was great. The small group is the way to go and was tailored to a large degree to our interests!

  • Marisa E Marisa E

    Alex was wonderful! So knowledge and friendly. We would have been lost, overwhelmed and in the Lourve for days if it wasn't for him! I had never been to the Orsay and with Alex it was even more memorable. I loved hearing about the history behind the art. So happy we booked this tour!!

  • Terry P Terry P

    we had a very wounder full time and our guide was very knowledgeable of the arts actually learned a few things.

  • tina tina

    My family and I really enjoyed this tour because the tour guide Alec made it such a great experience. Don't hesitate to book with this company as you will be in good hands from start to finish. I highly recommend that you purchase skip the line tours when you can as the lines can be very long.

  • drdave drdave

    This tour was amazing!

  • serendipity.nv serendipity.nv

    Dario met me at the Louvre, we spent all morning there, then a quick lunch and off to the Musee' D'Orsay. He was informative a walking Wikipedia, in the nicest meaning.

  • Larrez G Larrez G

    This tour was amazing!

  • Donald M Donald M

    you need about a year to see all of this place..and a supply of oxygen as it is HUGE ...but what a mind boggling delightful experience it is..made all the more wonderful by our brilliant and hilarious guide Naff...naff she most definitely ain't ..her knowledge, tongue in cheek remarks, her enthusiasm had us all buoyed up and raring to go, even when our little legs had turned to jelly and our brains had become total mush with the enormity of the place and the delights on many highlights to mention , okay ill mention the Mona Lisa and Venus de Milo ..check it out yourself and ask for Naff! Oh lunch was good and at this point we wanted to fall asleep through exhaustion but again Naff came to the rescue and herded us all into the fabulous Musee d'Orssay glad we saw this place as again it was stunning with a plethora of paintings by the greats Renoir, Van Gogh, Degas , Monet and Matisse to slaver over ..long day and tiring day but well worth it

  • Lara B Lara B

    This small group tour was great. Our guide couldn't have been a better fit for our family with teens.

  • Ross R Ross R

    The highlight of our Paris cultural experience!!! The tour was booked through Babylon Tours and Bellen - our tour guide - was exceptional! Her knowledge of the history and stories behind the sculptures and paintings we viewed really made them came alive and made the overall experience special. If you're new to the Louvre and Musee D'Orsay (like we were) this is "Must Do" while in Paris. Highly recommended!!!

  • ptrish2011 ptrish2011

    Could have spent the whole day on the Louvre Museum tour instead of two hours as there was so much to see. However, I did see the highlights at the Louvre and really appreciated that. Should not go to Paris without seeing the Louvre. The standout of the tour was Musee d'Orsay. It was less crowded, open and beautiful. The guide was wonderful. He knew his history and very informative. Glad I took the combined tour.

  • Semra M Semra M

    We chose Viator for a quick tour of both the museums. Our guide Christopher was helpful, and we shared our knowledge. To see both museums the same day was very tiring but we had short time.?Thank you for the tour.

  • Kathleen M Kathleen M

    I knew my time would be limited and I wanted to make the most of what little time I would have. I was in Paris 3 days prior to the AFS Centennial celebration and knew I would want to see the Louvre. The tour is a small group tour for 10 or less, and there were 3 of us. Our guide, a lovely young women whose name escapes me at the moment, was very informative, spoke good English, was patient with our questions and was an experienced artist. Originally I was concerned that the price of the tour was a bit expensive, but it the end it was the best value for the limited time I had available. I would highly recommend the tour. I was not disappointed at all and I will do it again on my next trip.

  • Marny S Marny S

    A wonderful way to visit these two museums when time is limited. And our tour guide was fabulous! Worth every penny!

  • Cotnam Cotnam

    This was a great tour. Our guide, Philippe was excellent!

  • Ed Ed

    What a fantastic day. Arnaud knew so much about the art and the history. He made the whole day a memorable experience.

  • Marietta P Marietta P

    Dario was an amazing and knowledgeable not only about the arts in the museums both everything related to that in museums around the world. Really enjoyed the fact that we had team of 4 and the guide. That gave us enough chance to ask questions, get one on one chance to speak about our interests and how to address our needs during this trip. Thank you for great planning and excellent choice of guide.

  • Amy F Amy F

    Naf, was our tour guide... She was enthusiastic, knowledgeable, a friendly! Fabulous tour! We enjoyed Musse d'Orsay better than the Louvre, perhaps because it wasn't so overwhelming and crowded.

  • Lori R Lori R

    Definitely would recommend skip-the-line. There were long lines in the pouring rain and we simply walked right past them and entered the museum. Our tour guide, Alex, did an excellent job of showing us the highlights of each museum. He provided interesting information and answered all of our questions to our satisfaction. We would not have had the same experience just walking through the museum on our own.

  • Jennifer H Jennifer H

    A wonderful experience and we again had a wonderful guide. We all enjoyed it very much!

  • Rosanna P Rosanna P

    Loved it! Our tour guide was GREAT!

  • Pichard P Pichard P

    An excellent tour in every way. Dario, our Argentine Guide was perfect. His English was excellent, his knowledge extensive and illuminating and his demeanor, personality and good humour ideally suited.? We had a wonderful and truly memorable day

  • vibhore j vibhore j

    great tour guide! Dario was awesome and catered our trip accordingly - we were very lucky to be the only 2 on the small group. skip the line was definitely worth it. his insight into the art and how to view was great.

  • Paul S Paul S

    We had a blast and loved the small group experience! Super "D" was an awesome tour guide and I would highly encourage guest to specifically request him.

  • Michael W Michael W

    My wife and I had a tour of The Louvre and Musee D'Orsay with Dario. It was a small tour on a rainy Wed with just 2 other people. Dario was an excellent guide, knowledgeable about the museums and how to maneuver through them to avoid long lines and waits. He was funny while also being passionate about the art and history. He taught us how to view art and helped us appreciate it. We had a nice lunch in between museums and had a fun, educational day. I highly recommend his tour.

  • Susan S Susan S

    Our guide Nancy did a great job and showed her true artistic passion and knowledge in her role on this tour. We absolutely loved Musee d'Orsay with the bonus of the Van Gogh exhibition which was on at the time.

  • Geralyn D Geralyn D

    Jacob was a great tour guide. He showed us things that were important and was very informative.

  • Edith C Edith C

    Excellent tour! Tour guide was wonderful!!