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City Center Westminster + Old City Guided Combo Tour – Semi-Private

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Duration: 5-5.5hs Semi-Private Tour

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Get the full scope of London’s history on this combo tour of both Westminster and the Old City. This semi-private tour, welcoming up to 10 people, will trace London’s Roman roots as it rose to construct a world-famous skyline including Parliament and the Gherkin.


The tour begins in Westminster, home to London’s most famous sights. Learn about Chaucer at Westminster Abbey and bump into the Prime Minister at 10 Downing Street. This small group tour will pass through the lush green parks, bustling crowds, and manicured squares that make up this fascinating urban landscape. Discuss Big Ben at the House of Parliament and pass through the famed Trafalgar Square. Our guides will share stories about monarchs and leaders, like Queen Elizabeth II and Winston Churchill, while also taking advantage of your local guide, who will be more than willing to share their favorite addresses as you explore together. And yes, they can even tell you where to go for a pint and some fish and chips – there’s some history to learn there as well!

Afterwards, discover London’s historical origins on the site of its earliest settlements in the square mile known as the City. Relive scenes from The Da Vinci Code at the Temple Church, former headquarters to the Knights Templar. Move forward in time through to the Middle Ages when the iconic Tower of London rose over the City. Discuss the Great Fire of London in the shadow of the Monument, dedicated to its memory. Discover the magnificent domed St. Paul’s Cathedral, wedding hall to Charles and Princess Diana in 1981. Stroll the River Thames and plan your route out of the City while learning about the famous Tower Bridge and more recent Millennium Bridge. Explore the streets, squares, pubs, and secrets of London’s most historical district on this enlightening and entertaining excursion.

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