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Paris is the city of art, culture, and fashion – a place worth visiting. Many operators offer tour packages to Paris, and one such package is the walking tour to Montmartre. Apart from a visit to the Sacré-Cœur Basilica and stroll through the colorful streets besides the hill, your Montmartre walking tour would also cover the corners of Bohemian artist district of Paris.

Montmartre walking tour starts at Moulin Range, taking you to the paintings of Toulouse-Lautrec portraying French Cancan dancers. You will then walk up narrow cobble stone streets, and you can see windmills and vineyards on your way. As you hit the roads on foot, you will come to know how the artists shaped Montmartre in all its beauty. Montmartre also shows you how modern people in Paris interact with each other.

On your tour, you will see the birthplace of Christianity in Paris city, and will understand the tensions between conservatives and liberals. You can also have a spectacular view of the city of lights from the white Sacré Coeur church. The hilltop view of the city from the iconic church is so beautiful and memorable.

The main highlights of the tour include a visit to:

  • Moulin Rouge – a very popular cabaret in Paris;
  • Sacré Coeur Cathedral – the Roman Catholic Church atop the hill;
  • Place Dalida – the place named after the actress Dalida, located at the junction of rue Girardon and rue Abreuvoir;
  • Moulin de la Galette – a windmill and businesses connected to it;
  • House of Vincent Van Gogh – the birthplace of Vincent Van Gogh;
  • Place du Tertre – the artist’s Square a few streets away from Montmartre Basilica; and
  • Amélie Café – a very popular café in Paris.

These are some of the main highlights of your Montmartre walking tour. An English-speaking guide will escort you throughout the tour, and help you understand about the places and its history. Usually, the duration of the walking tour is two hours, but it can be customized as per the special needs of the visitors.